MARTSMAN ¦ Trueschool Drumkit Wonder EP ¦ MED SCHOOL

Oct 22, 2007
London, UK
Trueschool Drumkit Wonder EP

Med School (MEDIC12)

12"+MP3 (A) "Trueschool Drumkit Wonder"
12"+MP3 (B) "Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III"
MP3 (C) "Apathetic Robot Squad"
MP3 (D) "Assemblyp"

(click the track titles for audio or alternatively check out the Med School MySpace or the Martsman MySpace pages)


German wünderproducer Martsman unleashes more of his distinctive glitch-step d&b, having clobbered dancefloors and radio stations earlier this year with his debut Med School single "8-Bit Bouncer" / "Halow". Martsman lays down the gauntlet with some truly inspiring and original music for those bored of formulaic beats and tired d&b clichés.

Priding himself on releasing machine music, this particular Martsman creation draws power from the sounds of "Trueschool Drumkit Wonder". The system is initiated with shuffling percussion and a lead straight out of the bleep-techno scene. The program then launches into a digi-fuelled roll-out complete with gear-grinding bass and engineered beats.

Flipside "Sir Gordon Jumpmeister III" opens with a crunchy digital pulse and quivering filtered pads before plasticising into a squelching hybrid step-off, containing all the robotic nuances we’ve come to expect from a Martsman piece. Such is the genius of this track, it can be simultaneously perceived as a half-tempo stomper or a full on d&b rinse out.

MP3 enthusiasts are rewarded with two bonus tracks. "Apathetic Robot Squad" and "Assemblyp" are two more left-of-centre cuts ideally suited for digital consumption – available exclusively as downloads. Martsman draws from a diverse palette of drum sounds, chopped up and laid over a monumental detuned sub.

Martsman has carved out an impressive profile as DJ/producer in a short period of time owing to an uncompromising amalgamation of technical proficiency and unique creative flair. He has won admiration right across the musical spectrum, cemented by massive praise from two of the leading champions of electronic music and a whole host of other supporters...

"One of the most fascinating producers in drum and bass right now, taking it way way deep"
Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio 1)

"Electro-d&b business. This is out there, this is crazy"
Fabio (BBC Radio 1)

Kmag (Dec 2008)

"Rhymically, sonically and technologically, this is some next level business that you need to know."
ATM (Nov/Dec 2008)

"I wonder who Sir Gordon Jumpmeister I and II were? They must have been quite pleasant company at a dinner party don’t ya think?!"
Nerm (BBC Asian Network / BBC 1Xtra)
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