Posted on the cloud dude, but I'll repeat what I said......This is beautiful, certainly not something I'd expect from you mate. Completely different vibe to your usual did you find it? making something out of the norm?
cheers man
really enjoyed makin this came together realy quickly aswell
how is the mix sounding tho?
I could picture this in a movie. You obviously can put together any variety of sound that you choose.

No offense, but this is the kind of thing that can make some money if the right people get a hold of it.
the mix? Hmm.....if I'm honest it's lacking a bit in the high end sparkle, it's got quite alot of midrange to it (I find this dilemma with pretty much every track you post tho) but it's nothing major.
cheers man
mite be my speakers then if alot of my tunes have it
or maybe i just love that mid range not too high not too low its safe!lol
ill try an sort it tho
would love to hear that on monitors. could you link me a downloadable version?

listened to too much unquote last night? hehe.

good tune from what i can hear°!!!

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ok more than good.

best tune ive heard of yours by mileeeees!
cheers man
an yes it is cos of unquote that i made this!haha
i love this style

ill send u on a 320 tommorow or sumfin
av u got aim? thatd be easiest
my aim is
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Amazing atmosphere. I've said it and im gonna say it again. Ur much better in this style than jump up imo :)
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