Label Markoman / Forbidden Society - Sourcream Remixes 2 [T-FILES]

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    T-FILE-EP007: Sourcream Remixes pt.2
    Markoman - "Sourcream RMX"
    Forbidden Society - "Sourcream RMX"

    After the "Sourcream Remixes" LP on T-FREE, finally the two last remixes are released.
    Both Markoman and Forbidden Society have been around for a while now and need no introduction, as they should be well known from their releases on labels such as M-Atome, Temper D Productions, Cell, G2, Manticore, Freak Recordings, Mindsaw, Indepenza, Jungle Therapy, T3K, Black Hoe...
    Markoman made a heavy syncopated stepper with massive bassline pressure for shaking clubs; and when hearing the Forbidden Society remix you are suddenly on a Death Metal concert. Halftime snare meets double time bassdrums, Metal guitars marry Drum & Bass midranges and this wicked remix is their honeymoon.

    audio previews:

    full mp3 & wav available here: (paypal enabled)

    ...soon also here: recordings

    artists myspace & label links:


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