Label Marginal ft. Loxy, Sunchase, Morphy, Vendetta "Very Marginal" EP Out Now!

from dub to glitch and futuristic synths, 170 and 170/2, we deliver full package. a DubKraft Records release. end of.

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artwork by Silviu Costinescu

Loxy & Marginal - X
Sunchase & Marginal - Claustrophile
Morphy & Marginal - Old Thomas Dub
Marginal & Vendetta - Natural Selection

And for those who also dig midtempo beats, DubKraft has just launched a superb and heartbreaking ep of space dub/dubstep and related sounds, "Be" by Adam Kroll. Originally Adam Kroll won his fame with techno releases on some of the biggest labels out there: Cocoon, Traum, Global Underground and more. At some point he needed a creative shift, and the outcome is amazing [remember his awesome future garage tune on False Flag Operation ?]

artwork by Nikolay Ivanov

Days At Night

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