Marga Mc - Jungle Elements Album - Unreleased Material From 98 to 2008 (HEAVY TRACKS)


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Jan 2, 2012
Album Produced & Edited By The Original Marga Mc, Variation Of Unreleased Jungle/Dnb Tracks, Production From 98 Up To 2008, For All You Oldskool & Newskool Heads That Know, And are Used To Hearing Marga's Vocal Tones, This Is Something Special For You, This Is NOT To Be Missed...


01, Look Yout Man
02, Whatta Rush
03, Badbwoy
04, Badbwoy Inna She Bedroom
05, They Better Know
06, Children Of The Emperor
07, Back In The Jungle
08, Positive Vibes
09, Skatty Jungle Techno
10, Shoot Up The Dance
11, Metriks
12, Jungle Elements (Man Dem Version)
13, Jungle Elements (Gal Dem Version) BONUS TRACK

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