marcus intalex

I'm devastated.

It's hard to find the words and when I'm reading others posts that describe him the I way I would, the tears keep falling.

He was an innovator an inspiring artist and the fact his music touched so many people is simply incredible.

'How You Make Me Feel' was not only a game changer for the scene but a tune that still can touch you after all these years for the deep combination of melodies and vocals and the steady 4/4 beat behind... so intense and inspiring in every way.

When I had the chance to work with him for a little project he was so kind, funny and I had that feeling that we knew eachother for a longtime. But what emerged just after few moments was that he was a music lover. I never felt so natural to talk about techno, broken beat, drumnbass everything. It was all about music quality and honesty. A lesson for everyone.

I had the chance to met him few other times but I messed up and I really regret that.

My thoughts go the family and his friends. xxx
Unbelievably sad, can't quite believe it really. One of the all time greats who made drum & bass what it is today and his influence will continue to be felt for years to come.

RIP - A true legend, a fantastic character and a tragic loss to the UK music scene.
Being more into techno now his Trevino project has interested me more lately and that too is fantastic. A truely creative artist.
I decided to listen to his 'Front' album last night, wish I'd done it sooner because it is very good. A multi talent, and a serious music lover as others have attested.
I didn't know him but a few of his tunes are absolute favourites of mine. I saw him play in Auckland only a few months ago for the first time and am gutted I didn't say hello.

Reading these tributes, even though I never met the guy, is making me well up. Tributes from people like Ant TC1 and Luke LSB really bring home what a loss this is to the scene, and to world.
Another one taken from us far too young. I'm sure all of our thoughts are with his friends and family
DRS & LSB have put out a track here, "Angels Fall", in tribute of Marcus. Proceeds from the song go directly to supporting Marcus' mum and girlfriend with funeral arrangements and the such.

Chip in and help give Marcus the send off he deserves.

We are still very much mourning the sad and sudden passing of our beloved friend Marcus Kaye, known to many as Marcus Intalex or Trevino.

Whilst longer term we will be putting our heads together to find a fitting tribute to Marcus’s life and music, for now we would like to share a track from DRS and LSB which seems to reflect our thoughts at this time.

The track ‘Angels Fall’ is available now to download with an option to make a donation which will help us to support Marcus’s Mum Pat and girlfriend Ayumi in the short term and with funeral arrangements while finances are being arranged. Any excess funds raised will be distributed to causes close to their hearts.

Thank you for your messages of love and support and your many memories of Marcus which are giving us comfort in this dark time.
I'm still in disbelief. My heart is broken. We lost one of the bests - I'm sure Marcus would have had written so much good music in years to come.
Lot's of strength to all family & friends... Luke, Del and the whole MCR crew.
You will never be forgotten Marcus
RIP Marcus. Pioneer of drum and bass and a huge loss to the music scene as a whole

Slightly random story of the only time I ever met the man himself on the Outlook Headz boat 2012...
I had basically thrown up all over some guys shoes and low behold Mr Intalex gave me a helping hand.
Forgetting that he has just seen me throw up all over some mans shoes I try and convince him I'm a golfer...which in turn cued some weird looks and an hour or so of trying to prove claims true, which we eventually did.

Managed to get the man a drink and chewed his ear off for a while about anything but music. Feel privileged to see another side to the man other than his music, he was a gent considering the state I was in.

Princess Warrior will forever be an all time personal favourite of mine.

May the impact you have had to our scene never be forgotten

Anyone else spend the day after they found out seshioning his entire discography?
So many great tracks - many I had forgotten about. Shame there won't be anymore.
Hope Soul R continues on. RIP
Big Loss for the whole dnb scene Worldwide much respect to Marcus Intalex for all the great live sets played in Los Angeles and all the great music
Temperance - One of the all time best tunes
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