Marcus Intalex Soul:ution Radio - Volume 14 feat Survival


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Mar 14, 2008

Soul:ution Radio - Volume 14 feat Survival
Marcus Intalex
Soul:r, Revolve:r
Forward thinking, energetic, soulful and heavy on the groove - that's how Marcus Intalex likes it. A Drum'n Bass DJ with eighteen years of mileage on his clock, he cut his first track in 1994 and hasn't looked back. Based just down the road from Manchester in sunny Burnley, he was bang in position to dive headfirst into the early 90's dance culture still chaining itself to the doors of the feted (but fated) 'Hacienda' nightclub. A lover of Chicago House and Detroit Techno, his flavourful and groovesome Drum'n'Bass relates directly to those forms and is often picked up on by strictly 4/4 heads. Part of the production duo MIST with ST Files, the Tubbs to his Crockett, he's racked up plenty of underground hits on his two record lables, Soul:R and Intalex Productions. Artist albums, compilations, collaborations, 12"s, UK clubnights, remixes and tours all over the world; it's all just business as usual for Marcus.

Marcus Intalex Part 1:
Nightshade - This Time
Subtone - Let It Go
Instra:mental - Watching You
The Green Man - Black And White Walkways
Q Project - In 2 Deep
S.P.Y - Movin In Circles
Amaning - Cold Showdown
Osh & Enei - Echo
Spinline - Irreverse
Electro Soul System - Whale Dance

- Survival in the mix -

Marcus Intalex Part 2:
Eveson - Old Dusty
Glen E Ston - One Life (Decem Remix)
ST Files - Weight Down
Sight Unseen - Staks 2
Bop - Chaosmos
Paul B - First Picture
Lynx & Hellrazor - Stonekeep
Mr Joseph - Danger Zone
Q Project - Menace
C.A.B.L.E. - Good Boy Going Bad
S.P.Y - A.S.B.O.
Donnacha Costello - Trust
listened to all this mix now... and its amazing... not much point saying which tunes are good, cos they are all (y) musical art!
Just bumping this because it's been on repeat in my car for the last 3 weeks. Marcus's tune selection is top notch and the guest Survival mix is fuggin' awesome!

Late to the game, but been scouring around for this show to download but without any luck. If anyone wanted to pass it on directly, point me to a working link or maybe upload it somewhere like beatplexity, it would be oh so appreciated. Cheers!
missed this... seems it has been removed from dnbshare. would anyone like to reup it?? would be most appreciated!
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