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Marc Aurora

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I recently started a podcast of my own and i got 2 episodes out by now. I'm new to this forum but already excited about it since i didn't know that there exists a site like this! So please, enjoy the music and leave some feedback if you can, it will be appreciated! Thanks!

Episode 1
1.Join the Dots (Original Mix)by North Base
2.Maverick Souls (Original Mix)by Fred V & Grafix
3.Colorless (Original Mix)by Flite
4.Mad World (Station Earth Remix)by Manouvres
5.Freefall feat. Reija Lee (VIP)by Metrik
6.Rio (Original Mix)by Netsky, Digital Farm Animals
7.Anthem Feat. Camille (Original Mix)by Brookes Brothers
8.I Remember (Original Mix)by Culture Shock
9.Drift'n'Drive by Tommy Baynen
10.Pale Blue Dot (Original Mix)by The Prototypes
11.Out The Blue (Club Mix)by Sub Focus
12.Reach VIP (VIP)by Tantrum Desire
13.Megabyte (Original Mix)by Mind Vortex
14.Timewarp VIP (Original Mix)by Sub Focus
15.Adventures Through Space (Original Mix)by Tantrum Desire
16.Crucify Me Feat. Phetsta (Original Mix)by Phetsta, ShockOne
17.Bad Red (Original Mix)by Culture Shock
18.Starchaser feat. Rocky Nti (Original Mix)by Metrik
19.Follow The Light (Original Mix)by Sub Focus

[FONT=Interstate, Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Sans, Garuda, Verdana, Tahoma, sans-serif]20.Thieves in the Night (Technimatic Remix)by Redeyes, Lenzman[/FONT]

Episode 2

01. TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Figure remix)
02. 1D - Steal My Girl (Reso's wrong direction mix)
03. S.P.Y - Lost Orbit feat. Diane Charlemange (Original Mix)
04. Krakota - Stepping Stones (Original Mix)
05. A-Cray - Stomper (Original Mix)
06. Mage - Dreaming (Original Mix)
07. Maduk - Feel Good (Original Mix)
08. Aries, Gold Dubs, Bevan & Andy Sim - Chem Trails feat. Lion Art (Original Mix)
09. Command Strange - Rock steady (Lenzman Remix)
10. Ed Solo - Ganja Smuggling (Original Mix)
11. Teddy Killerz - Space Junk (Original Mix)
12. Nu:Logic - Everlasting Days feat. Liffor (VIP)
13. Danny Byrd - Love You Like This (Original Mix)
14. Smooth - Virgo Cluster (Original Mix)
15. DC Breaks - Lock in (Original Mix)
16. Delta Heavy - Turbine (Original Mix)
17. Cause4concern - Headroom (Audio VIP)
18. Cyantific - Type A (Original Mix)
19. Trei - Seeds (Original Mix)
20. TC - Where's My Money (Original Mix)
21. Teddy Killerz - Hyperspeed
22. Tantrum Desire - Nightmare (Original Mix)
23. Evol Intent - This Is Not A Dream (Original Mix)
24. Illskillz - Codename Zero feat. DKay (Original Mix)
25. Hamilton - Echoes (Original Mix)
26. Technimatic - Beneath The Skies (Original Mix)
27. B-Complex - Beautiful Lies (Original Mix)


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I checked out Episode 1. Although the traks are not my cup you did play these very well. Felt like you achieved exactly what you were going for in the mix and brought a lot of energy. Only thing for me is watch the vocal clashes......

Marc Aurora

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Thanks for the feedback man! I'm aware of the vocal clashes but they are a thing i'm willing to do when 2 tunes work together as well as they do, it doesn't bother me too much as long as it is not actual singing on both tracks. But yeah, fluent syncing of the tracks is what i was going for and i'm glad you saw that too! Again thanks for the feedback. Appreciate!