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Oct 16, 2005
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A. Skull - Struktur Alpha

B. Matar & Greyone - Tortured By Darkness

Release Date : March 2009
Distributed by: Underground Music

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Skull aka pierre dozin is a 21 years old belgian producer/dj/promoter/radio manager. He began to produce electronic music in 2001, His orientation wasfirstly in experimental indus music, electronica and dub, and he really began to produce dnb in 2003.Few years ago, He released his first tune, under the name d:/kontrol, on black hoe rec, the migu’s hungarian netlabel/crew.

Then, he meets the us label mindsaw rec and released some digital stuff
on it. He also released some stuff on nightmare recordings. At present, he has several 12" vinyl, cd and digital releases forthcoming in
2009 on manticore rec (12" - fr), mindsaw rec (12" - usa), hardline rec (12" - au), aural carnage rec (digi - ge), evil beats rec (cd - be),
death brigade rec (12" - usa).He’s also a promoter; He organises many dnb/breakcore/dubstep parties in his town (drumevent), and launched
with fluidnyc (msaw owner) the “mindsaw ritual” concept, in belgium.
He’s also managing a radio show every wednesday on a fm belgian radio (48FM)



Greyone a Belgian drumnbass producer,started producing in 2004 at the age of 17 .

Signed to labels like : Mindsaw rec. , Bug Klinik rec. ,Hardline rec. , Manticore rec. …and made a couple of releases on them. His tracks can be described as hard dark drum’n'basswith much energy & influences from jungle and core

2007: He improved his tracks and soon he hooked up with the Belgian label Bug Klinik rec.who helped him with (international) gigs and suport.this year he started doing Liveset performances .

Not much later he signed into Mindsaw rec. (USA)and Hardline recordings (AU)and released his first (digital) tracks. In the summer of 2007 he met Matar and togheter they played on many gigs back to back.

Later on Greyone signed into other labels like : Manticore (FR), Distortion (UA), Sustained (UK) 2008: Greyone has his first vinyl releases coming up Together with Matar he performed at Therapy Sessions Latvia (march ‘08) - summer: after playing in Austria my laptop fainted - a month later my dad broke my external hdd thats why i couldnt make music till 2009



A Belgian D’n'B - Darkstep producer.
Born in 1983 city kortrijk, Started as an Hiphop dj and evolved later on to electronic music.

After spinning while on the decks
he started producing some wrong music (break - speedcore).
Played on party’s such as Breakcore gives me wood,ByeLeBanal, BugKlinik , From Dub Till Core and so on.

When the time was passing by, he decided to change his tempoand the quality of his sound, and start producing D’n'b / Darkstep.

His music contains lots of drums,
evil rave stabs, heavy basslines.
With influences from artists like
Current Value ,Counterstrike, Donny …

In the summer he met Greyone
They started producing heavy tunes and ravy liveset’s.
Performing back to back on partys like Therapy Sessions,
MindSaw Ritual, Cross Club, Mighty Sound Festival…

(2008 )
In September he started an education
as stage light- and sound-assistent.
Like this he wants to improve his sound
and get a job on the field.

Keep your eyes peeled for this guy !!!


:twisted: Dark stuff from the Belgians :twisted:
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