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Dec 30, 2007
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Deception returns Upgraded, with a new podcast for 2018.
Manifest comes back with a new mix showcasing his new forthcoming single forthcoming “Tank Girl & Rolling Down Ft: Joy Sutherland” on Deception Recordings this spring.
Deception has been planning the next Chapter for the label, which you can hear on this Podcast.
The Artist Demigroove, who is building a name for himself shows his production skills on his remix of “Untamed Warrior” By Manifest, Meth & 2Shy (Dub). Another track forthcoming, which is also on this podcast is the Collab between BTK, Cold Fusion & Manifest entitled “Day Break. The Label has evolved over the years, which you will hear on the podcast.
We still keep love our “Grimey & Dirty” Beats, but believe you should evolve with the current times and Listen to Various Sounds & Styles of DnB.

Manifest takes you on a Journey of various beats, keeping you entertained for an hour.

As Always, we hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we like putting the Podcasts together for the Masses.

Thank You…. For listening to Deception Podacasts….

01_ Trife Life (Ill Truth Remix) - Trex - Lockdown Recordings
02_ Dope - Dub Elements - DEM
03_ Sharks - Benny L & Shimon - Audio Porn
04_ Tank Girl - Manifest - Deception Recordings
05_ Beckoning (Stealth Remix) - Konflict - Renegade Hardware
06_ Shut Down Feat Coppa - Mindscape - Eatbrain
07_ Abraxas - Akov - Eatbrain
08_ I Cant Stop - Smooth - Get Hype Records
09_ Untamed Warrior (Demigroove Remix) - Manifest, Meth & 2Shy - Deception Recordings
10_ Give it to Me - Break - Symmetry
11_ Centuria (Amoss Remix) - Mayhem & Logam - Santoku Records
12_ Frostbite (Ice Cold) - Arbee feat. Dyzlexic - Lifestyle Music
13_ Daybreak - BTK, Cold Fusion & Manifest - Deception Recordings
14_ Growing pains - Akov - C4C Recordings
15_ Repulser - Bad District - Bad Taste
16_ Casket - Dioptrics - Machinist Music
17_ So Dope - LL -33 - Eatbrain
18_ Sphere - Gydra & Fatloaf - C4C Recordings
19_ 1984 - Meth - Deception Recordings
20_ Trainwreck - Rivaux -Charlie Brix - Lifestyle Music
21_ Rolling Down Ft Joy Sutherland - Manifest- Deception Recordings
22_ Outro..

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For your listening pleasure.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/manifest%2Fmanifest-deception-podcast-10-various-artists
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Website: www.deceptionrecordings.com
bookings/ Label Info: manifest@deceptionrecordings.com
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