Manga - Silver Eyed Witch EP - Neutronic Beats out now!!!!


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After the success of the Familia EP, label head honcho Manga comes with the labels seventh release the Silver Eyed Witch EP. With four killer tracks, Silver Eyed Witch, Awakened Being, Yoma & Creature Of The Abyss, the Mangatron returns to bring pure mayhem to all ears, headphones and dancefloors alike! Now available on the website, as well as Nu-urban, Dnb Arena, Trackitdown and Juno.

Watch out also for a Christmas treat with the VIP EP out on the 16th of December. With Exclusive VIP mixes of Evil Residentz, Battle Groundz, Screwface Malarkey & Pied Piper which have been getting battered on dancefloors across the country, this is a good way to see the year out and pave the way for a bigger one in 2012!!
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