Man Shot Dead At SE1


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Sep 15, 2007
I was there bro.... wel.. drove past SE1 and there were fuck loads of cops and 2 ambulances..... didnt know what was going on..... now i do...



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Jul 28, 2008
Theres a thread on DnB arena from the promoters about this. They released a statement laying the blame, squarely at the feet of the SE1 mngmnt. Bobby & Steve are involved with the night. They have been in the music game for donkeys years.

This was a House night, for god sakes. What chance have we got.......

R.I.P. and best wishes to all family/friends
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May 8, 2007
Bobby & Steve Presents


Dated: 09.10.08

Bobby & Steve Presents is brought to you by Zoo Groove Stereo & SVA Promotions. Collectively we have been promoting club nights in London since 1984 and have always maintained a high professional level of entertainment and security, as our customer care is paramount. And this has truly been a major factor of our success.

On Saturday the 4th October an incident occurred at the SeOne night club our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this incident. This was our second event at the SeOne Club; our first event was on Saturday 24th May 2008, at which we had 2,700 people attend. It ran smoothly because of our professionalism, and the fact that all the things we asked for were put into place. We trusted that this would be replicated.

On this occasion, we knew it was going to be a sell-out event. We kept the Club informed on pre-ticket sales and told them that we were going to reach capacity on the night. We requested a meeting to make sure that we took all possible security measures to keep the environment safe, taking into consideration the safety of our staff and customers.

On the week leading up to the event we had the meeting with the club manager, the assistant manager and head of security as we had some important points that we needed to raise!

The venue SeOne let us down on all grounds…. They didn’t secure the venue enough, after being briefed 2 weeks prior to the event we discussed all safety issues regarding the night, which were,

Everyone to go through the metal dectors and then receive a stringent search
No caps, hoods or trainers
And definitely no groups of guys to be admitted especially if they didn’t fit our criteria for the night and even if they had purchased a ticket prior to the event!

All of this was reiterated to the head of security & the assistant manager of the venue in our pre-opening meeting at 9.30pm on the night. After opening at 10pm they didn’t have any hand held dectors, the metal detector wasn’t working as promised by the management, the searches wasn’t stringent enough on entry, basically, they completely ignored all our requests and done the complete opposite!

We requested at 11pm for them to get another 5 more security to strengthen the door and to police the queues outside and that was also ignored on several occasions and they also were letting in the wrong people without our knowledge, through the VIP entrance.

We pride ourselves on our clientele and our loyal fan base who have been following us for many years. For such a thing to happen at one of our events is unacceptable and we just want to make it very, very clear to everybody that this was subject to the venue being run very unprofessionally and only interested in getting the numbers through the doors to make a happy bar take - and not thinking about the safety of our customers.

For the record, we booked Kenny Dope 8 weeks prior to our event; we paid flights, dj fee & hotel costs in full 3 weeks prior to the event.

After receiving the devastating news that the legendary Kenny Dope was unable to fly, We sent out a press release on Friday 3rd October at 12.45pm and tried to inform everybody that we could possibly reach in such a short space of time that Kenny Dope would not be appearing as we only found out late on Thursday night 2nd October (2 days prior to the event)

At 11am on Friday 3rd Oct we got on the phones and booked another Three American artists to ensure that we keep the quality of the entertainment at an ultimate high and believe me it wasn’t easy to secure these top A-List acts in the matter of a few hours…but we did, and we would like to thank, Kevin Hedge from Blaze, Teddy Douglas from the Basement boys & also Margaret Grace who performed two smashing tracks!

These were all additional costs to us (the promoters) which also included extra flights, hotels & ground transport.

Zoo Groove Stereo & SVA Promotions consistently strive to raise the bar by continuing to bring you these ground breaking events with the best, cutting edge house DJ’s.

We feel that we was let down by the management of SeOne and therefore we will not be doing anymore events at the venue.

We have also been informed by the venue that all property and belongings left in the cloakroom have been removed from the premises and can be reclaimed by calling the police. A dedicated number to call will be available in the next coming days.

We will be updating our website as soon as we receive more information, so visit
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