man...FUCK US customs

All depends on what youre trying to get into the county! :pimp:

When I went state-side an took a record bag full of wax, I put my bag on the x-ray conveyor an walked through the metal detector...

....beep.... as usual!

But by the time i had emptied my pockets - A crowd of security had formed, and politely-asked me what was in the bag!

When I opened it up - they all had a little chuckle an ushered me on!

I guess 12’’ solid disc shapes, with a hole in the middle could be mistaken for a whole range of weaponary/drugs/illegal material.
:tosser: :finger:
no they just delay the delivery for a few days or a week, which fucks things all up for me.
kaizen's order got here no problem, 1 chemical order got here with no delay, there's a chemical order and a formation order that are missing
i don't have any problems with's odd chemical orders and something i ordered from formation like 2 weeks ago and still isn't here.
chemical and redeye works great for me....well they had their fair share of problems...but they dont really happen anymore, luckily. if not i wont be able to get any more tunes...other than from my local HMV :\
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