Man died @ Custard Factory last nite?


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That free rave Stupid Underground got cancelled last nite coz some fella got refused entry to a FREE rave so tried to climb into the Custard Factory via the railway bridge, fell and died!!

Stupid cunt!

Anyone know anything else bout it?


Its all a scam so start stealing
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why cancel an event cos someone is misfortunate enough to die by actually sounds like a darwin award entry..


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Someone dies and it's funny yet what happens in his thread below is out of order and gets locked

My thoughts exactly bro, was gonna type exactly what you wrote a couple of days ago but decided not to to avoid conflict etc.

Pretty hypocritical don't you think. Death is far more serious than what went on in that 'ABUSED' thread even if the dude in this thread fell victim to his own stupidity.


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if you read the reason why i closed that thread it was because i didnt want this site to appear as though it encourages or supports that kind of abusive behaviour toward others.

Breaking into a custard factory is an obscure way to die! its funny!
Murders and car accidents arent funny, granted. but having a heart attack when youre wanking or falling into a vat of custard is different! of course its sad for their family (i even said it was sad in my second post) but it doesnt hurt anyone to have a giggle.

... i really dont see the link between the two. the death was accidental/self-inflicted and it was really quite obscure, i dont see why laughing about is such a no-no.

chiiiill winston.


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Just for the record the Custard Factory is venue not an actual custard making factory lol.

I feel for the guy, we do daft things once in a while.. just this time screwed him proper!


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He didnt actually die, there are loads of rumous floating about, the actual statement is here on their facebook group:

Official Statement

from promoters Stupid Underground, Deuce Soundsystem
& the venue Factory Club, Custard Factory, Birmingham


Many rumours are circulating as to the reasons why the hugely anticipated Stupid Underground and Deuce Soundsystem free b4 11.30pm club event was asked to close by the police and emergency services at just 11.15pm on Saturday 13th June.

This was unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the promoter and venues control.

At 10.30pm a man was politely twice refused entry to the Space 2 warehouse venue (entrance was on floodgate street) by doorman on the grounds of being too drunk.

Obviously still determined to illegally attempt to gain entry to the event the man decided to walk further down the street and climb over a large building incorrectly thinking that access would be possible by doing so. This is extremely dangerous due to a sheer 30ft drop that cascades straight down into the river.

This man fell and remained lying injured in the river until emergency services could finally climb down and pull him out. This man was taken to hospital and later managed to walk out of hospital the same weekend with minor injuries.

Due to the fact that the emergency services required access to the man from where the club event was taken place it was decided by the police that the safest action would be to close the event indefinitely whilst rescuing him.

Promoters, venue and clubbers disappointment

To say the promoters Steven Carter and Adam Robins (Stupid Underground and Deuce Soundsystem) are disappointed would be a major understatement!

“We worked solidly for 7 weeks promoting and conceptualising this massive event and over 1200 clubbers were either in the venue or making their way to the venue when the incident occurred. Our sympathies obviously go to the man as none of our promotional team wishes injury on anyone....although we were pretty angry with him on the night of the event due to the fact that he brought it on himself and it was neither the venue nor the promoters fault.”

“Our main disappointment was that not everyone got to see the unique way we had used the site. We spent a lot of money on l.e.d lighting and sound systems in the warehouse and the Deuce giant ghetto blaster under the arches had people standing in front of it with their mouths open in amazement.”

“Finally we would like to say a huge thank you to every one of our Stupid Underground and Deuce fan base for their support of this event and making the journey from near and far to come party with us. Everyone knows how good these events have become and we like to party as much as you do so like you we were absolutely gutted at the bizarre situation we all found ourselves in.”

Looking to the future

A thorough investigation is obviously being carried out but it is business as normal for all Custard Factory club events.

To ensure you are kept informed of all future Stupid Underground & Deuce Soundsystem events please join the following groups if you have not already;
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if you read the reason why i closed that thread it was because i didnt want this site to appear as though it encourages or supports that kind of abusive behaviour toward others.
But laughing at someone that died (even though we know now he didn't) is acceptable then?