Mampi Swift @ The Corn Hall (21/6/2002)


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Incision vs Ransom @ The Corn Hall, Cirencester. 21/6/2002.

Incision is a monthly drum n bass night running in the Gloucestershire town of Cirencester, and for one night only, joins forces with fellow promoters Ransom, to bring us Charge Recordings heavyweight, Mampi Swift.
Proceedings kicked off in fine style with De-Ad representing Incision, with a finely picked selection of fresh dnb. Next up, the much anticipated b2b special of promoters Terminal (Incision) and Access (Ransom). With two of the heaviest local Dj's showing their worth, the crowd went mad for it. Plenty of new material was aired such as the brilliant 'Morning Light' and 'Brainwash', we were even treated to some Marky-style scratching over 'Ska'. By now, Mc's Sinner-G and Juggla were keeping the dancefloor on their toes.
Following on in a similar vein, Incision/Ransom resident Dj Poison took control of the 1210's, showcasing some of the hottest tunes soon to be hitting Chemical's shelves. 'Huggy Bear', 'The Mexican' and 'Aint Too Loud' were all rolled out to the crowds delight, and the arrival of Mc duo Dread and Drop meant that the pace never dropped.
The warm ,soothing bass of 'LK' introduced Gloucester's Donovan Smith, and he continued to mash up the dance in the same way he always does, with crowd-pleasers such as 'Thugged Out Bitch' and 'Back For More' demanding rewind after rewind. All too soon though, it came to an end, and a towering figure could be seen taking place in the Dj booth.
Just as the temperature couldnt have got any hotter, the Mampi one came and dropped some of the heaviest bombs fresh from the cutting house. His trademark quick-mixing style soon came into effect with a punishing double drop of the 'Pacman' remix and Capone's forthcoming 'Twist em Out', and from there on it didnt stop. Even the Mc's looked stunned when monsters such as 'Dogsploitation' and the BC mix of 'More Fire'
were unleashed with his usual precision. Unfortunately though, time flies when your having fun, and the clock struck 2am which meant the last tune had to be put on the deck. Im not sure what the tune was, but as you can imagine, it was a blinder and got an immediate rewind, and made for a perfect end to one of the best nights the Corn Hall has seen.
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