MalLabel Music US Tour: PDX, DEN, SF!!!


Hailing from the SF Bay Area comes the MalLabel Crew, to bring their unique, bass-lovin' and ballsy rhythms on their US Tour!

Catch the crew that brought you the notorious underground parties such as Nightmare Before X'mas and MalWare that rocked San Francisco...

Featured Artists:

Blackheart is pushing buttons all over the place. Recently on the Best of Filthy Digital two times over as well as landing a return spot on the upcoming Bay Area Dubstep Vol. 3, the self-proclaimed 'Lords' are slumpin' it and making things nasty. April marks the release of their forthcoming album 'The Magic Hour' on MalLabel Music... get ready to kick your boots around a li'l bit!

The man, the myth... Mycho Cocoa is a one-of-a-kind artist who produces and mixes with elegance and poise, like a lounging tiger whose coat is pink and black! A step out-of-place will lead you right to where it's at, when it comes to Mr. Mycho. His album 'Low Frequency Highlife' serves as a testament to all things bassy, hot, and good.

SkullTrane is one of the most intensely unique acts in American Dubstep, answering to the atmosphere of the UK motif with their own Detroit-born sense of squelching, bubbling, crude lumbering and crushing sense of sonic mastery. Their label, Cutty Dubs, operates in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District, molded from the pressure of dub and the city scape. Hear them now: believe the reality in their rhythm.

This man is a sorcerer of sorts, and his sets fall nowhere short of shocking. A powerful and energetic force on the decks, El Diablo is responsible for the music behind MalLabel's theme song 'Rollin With My Crew,' and is known to flip it to psyphee when the BPM is getting too high, but the crowd's high is just fine. Our own devil with the following details: party rocking crazy pants.

Rasta is known to rock a party all night long with his own special blend of chunes. Having worked with DZ, Blackheart, and Bakir of Spit Brothers on tracks, he is poised to continue his mission to bounce souls all over the globe. Check out his own EP coming out soon on MalLabel Music!

Zombie-J is lurking right behind you, and he’s bringing a fist full of dubs like you’ve never heard. From beginning to end, Zombie’s “Dr. Wre EP” is brimming with originality, and each track displays Zombie’s signature sound, full of squirrelly West Coast glide synth tones and heavy, gritty wobbles. Catch him at a theater near you, but try not to get bitten-- that's how you become a zombie as well.