Makoto - Distance

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    I've been looking for this song for agggges now! Since I heard the interview of Fabio with Pendulum, I've always been searching for this song!

    Makoto - Distance

    Its the second song which Fabio plays, starts at around 5 minutes and 15ish seconds into the interview. You can download the interview here:

    or here:

    When ever I search for it I always get Makoto with Dj Mark - long distance, but that isn't the song.

    This is Makoto if you don't know him:

    Anyone who can help me find this song? It would be awesome if I could buy this or at least hear it on youtube or such!


    Edit: I forgot to add, that many sites says its Mokoto, but I can't find anything on Mokoto so I just suspected that it was a typo which everyone just copied and thats why so many sites have it as Mokoto instead of Makoto.
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