making the Beat: single wave parts Vs. Battery 3


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my question is what is "better"(makes it sound better)?

making the beats complete in battery 3 or use for every snare,hit,etcetc a single wave part in cubase!?

i started in making the beats just in battery 3 but then a few told me to compress, layer, reverb,ghost,etc the beats to make them sound better
+i saw many dnb artists working only with waves

so how do you make the beats?

is battery limited?

thx for ya antworten


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never used battery, wouldn't know what to do with it. my point being, if using wavs and seperate channels for every part of your beat wasn't a good way of doing it, then i would have looked into other options.

it works for me. lets me layer all manner of different elements into the beat
antworten = answers my german friend ;) ur question is a little inaccurate. I think u want to know if u should use MIDI or Audio-Editor to make drums?

to antworten ur question, what a real acoustic drummer does, is triggering with his drum sticks the single elements in front of him, so he is working in MIDI, not Audio/Waves. So this would be the natural way to achieve nice groove. And i doubt many are only working with waves. Just read an alix perez interview stating him to use Reason cause of its nice groove function. And this u get only with MIDI Programming. I just bought a new midi-controller with drum pads and like to try several kick/snare lines in a fast and playful way to find some lines matching a bass/lead melody. Hard to do this in audio. But also read that noisia for example does their drums in audio. But u know some guys like to program all themselves, some are more used to chop/slice up breaks in audio and build lines out of it. There is no golden way just like to program a special synth sound. Some can produce a sound by resampling it on and on, some will be able to make it in a complex fm synth by using all its capabilities.

But nobody said u have to use MIDI or Audio. Use both. Battery is not limited, its supposed to do what it does. If u r a real drummer, i think u will do better with this than doing most in audio-editor.

Using compression, ghost hits, reverb etc. u should do at the end wether u made ur drums in audio or MIDI. How is this affected by using Battery?

PS: more germans here? :)


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klar, viele deutsche hier ;)

im doing everything in audio. and just single wav files. all about layering your samples and putting them together in a visible way. for me at least.


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Neither makes it SOUND better. That's down to the samples you use and the quality of said samples. (Battery does come with a good bundle of samples)
If you want to edit samples then Battery gives you some tools to do that, along with the other benefits of midi, such as velocity layering and the like to create more realism (if you can be arsed getting that far into it)

Pretty much personal choice, the DAW you use may play a part in that too.
Whatever is easy to work with (for you) and sounds good.
Another thought i just had. So with Battery or Reason Drum kits or Ableton Session Drums the whole drum programming gets a lot easier. Because these often multisampled sampletanks (diff. force, velocities for every drum sound) make it a lot easier to program drum patterns with a natural sound. Of course u can do this in an audio editor too, but then u have to handle a bunch of samples with diff. vel etc. This has to become a mouse drag-draw-click orgy.

I started with Ableton and Reason, there u have no audio editing options, so u r forced to MIDI program ur drums. And i think its the better way cause of the arguments mentioned above. Also u will force urself to think more about drum patterns and will find easier general patterns how to deal with drums. I know guys like aphex twin/squarepusher even have written algorithmic compostion software, creating drum lines for them. So there seems to be a theory behind drum patterns and how to layer and sequence diff. parts of a drum kit. Or take "4hero 2pages" wich is afaik complety drummed by a acoustic drummer and sounds brilliant. Much easier with a electronic drum kit and good sampletank. To achieve such a result by audio editing will be very hard way. Then u have to find really good breaks which fit ur tune.

Of coures it mainly depends how complex and fast the patterns are u mostly make, for dubstep u need no MIDI. And also many told me they make drums first, when starting a song. Then this problem doesnt arises. But when u start mostly with a melodic bass, hookline and then search a matching drum pattern, MIDI will be the much faster and easier way to go from my pov