Making my hats sound more live

has anyone got any suggestions?

basically if i set a hat out in the layout/speed i want it playing at it sounds too much like a computer im having trouble making my hats sound more real i guess. are there any drum samplers that cater for this?

cheers guys


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Okay to get interesting "live" sounding drums, you could do multiple things:

1. Use a hihat sample that is sampled from a drumkit.
2. Play around with the velocities of the individual hits, not a single drummer in the world can play a hihat pattern with exactly the same velocity for 16 times in a row.
3. Also play around with the timing of your hits, place them a little of beat to get more of a live feeling or make a shuffled pattern.

Now combine these three points in a loop and you'll sound pretty live. You could also search for a couple quite similar sounding hihat samples that have just small differences. Like one sounds muffled, one is a little more open but with a short decay, one with a longer decay and final one with a very nice snappy attack and decay. Now map these on different velocities in Kontakt and the lower the volume the more muffled it gets while harder notes are actually really snappy.