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Mar 2, 2021
I am proud to announce the first release on 'Make or Break', which will be pushing the sound of breakbeat drum and bass. Really excited to have Fanu kick start the first release with an amazing remix of my track 'Control Signal’. There is plenty of amazing music in the pipeline from new artists as well as some familiar names and this will be the first of many releases to come. I will keep this thread updated with information on forthcoming releases.

'Control Signal’. Sekl kicks us off with ice cold jazzy atmospherics, deadly deep subs and tightly wound funk breaks to let you know kool is back to control the dance.

‘Sound Clash’. When you hear this, you will know you are in Rough Territory… haunting synths and eye-flickering breaks bring in the unmistakable call of Ricky Trooper sending for the amen pressure and a bassline to test any sound system.

‘Control Signal (Fanu Remix)'. Fresh from his second EP on Metalheadz, Fanu brings the drum funk to the fore with this remix. Crunchy breaks, horn stabs, a lively bass and wild drum edits keep your head nodding and feet shuffling from start to Finnish.

The exclusive Bandcamp only (Fanu “Can’t Mix This” Remix) bonus track twists up the tempo in true dog ate my tape pack fashion. Good luck mixing this one!

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The second release on Make or Break takes you on an three part journey through atmospheric breakbeat drum and bass.

1). Instruction Set - Forge La Funk. Embracing you with warm nostalgic tape pack vibes, the debut track from Instruction Set lifts off in a haze of dreamy pads, deep subs and rolling breaks.

2). Rough Territory - Heartburst. Inspired by the classic sounds of early Bukem, Heartburst rolls out amen and sub bass pressure with minimal atmospherics and hypnotic mantras to elevate the heart rate.

3). Instruction Set - Forge La Funk (Ben Kei 'Laid back' Remix). Ben Kei blesses us with a deep, funky remix for the heads. Touches of rhodes and apache help soothe the early morning raving recovery.

Pre-order now:

Release date: 4 June
I am very pleased to announce a new EP from Laytn and myself Sekl - Smash The System EP.

This release is for the tech steppas and the ultra low sub-bass lovers. This isn't an EP for the faint hearted and is a full on assault of heavy breaks and aggressive bass - just the way we like it. Watch ya bassbins, I'm telling ya!

Release date is 27th August and you will receive a copy of Laytn & Sekl - The Voice if you pre-order now.

Laytn & Sekl - 'Smash The System'. Out to the West London techsteppin' crew. Sekl joins forces with Laytn and draws on his West London roots to provide a barrage of militant breaks and darkside vibes, shelling a cantankerous sub-bass to smash any system.

Laytn & Sekl - 'The Voice'. This one is a deep cut... mad drums and 808s unfold to guide you into the midsts of the jungle.

Laytn & Sekl - 'Fusion 500'. Slices of funk bring in a dancefloor roller. Straight-up b-line pressure.

Sekl - 'Numbers Station'. Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Experimental, break heavy darkness transmitting on ultra low frequencies.

Pre-order on Bandcamp

More info:
Laytn & Sekl - Smash The System EP is out now! Get some serious sub-bass for your system.

Laytn is back with his first solo release on Make or Break - Dust & Ages

blesses us with a deep, house-tinged roller. Warm pads, lush strings and a hypnotic bassline combine to shake down the planet.

Silence Groove delivers a wicked remix taking you on an emotional journey through breakbeat music. Crisp breaks, snarling bass stabs and evolving landscapes build to touch the inner soul.

Watch out for Laytn’s debut solo EP later this year on Make or Break, it's going to be heavy!

More info:
Sekl - Dreams In Audio EP is OUT NOW on Make or Break Bandcamp, all digital stores and streaming platforms

If you like your breaks raw, subs gritty and atmospherics heavy, this EP is for you. I've enjoyed taking my time and going in on the breaks, focusing on textures and character and trying to keep the beats different and interesting.

As well as my own break heavy remix, Fanu has done an amazing job with his take on Amos Keato's - Some Dread Purpose

Sekl - Dreams In Audio
Vaporwave meets drum funk as dreamy sax, atmospheric piano and lucid pads combine with dusty breakbeat patterns to alter your consciousness.

Amos Keato - Some Dread Purpose (Sekl Remix)
A track many have tried to revive, the original by Amos Keato lost for eternity. Sekl rebuilds from the original source breaks - the result is dread artillery to shell down the dance.

Sekl - Carrion
Sludgy, viscous and murky; Sekl lays down his interpretation of the infamous Blowfly break.

Sekl - Dark Place
Returning to the dark side with crisp, slamming breaks, bassline groove and ghostly touches of tech to kick up the dancefloor.

Amos Keato - Some Dread Purpose (Fanu Remix)
Fanu rises to the challenge with a remix as menacing as it is funky. Raw drums build to a frenzy before the explosive 808 drops and a weaponised Think break lets loose in trademark Fanu style.

I have put together a mix showcasing tracks from the Dreams In Audio EP and more forthcoming music on the label. I've gone in on this mix from the start - for the intro I rebuilt Blowfly - Sesame Street without the vocal at 121BPM and transitioned the tempo up to 170BPM whilst reconstructing one of my new tracks 'Carrion' from the source break, you won't hear another mix like this.

Blowfly - Sesame Street (Sekl Street Remix)
Sekl - Carrion VIP [Make or Break]
Fracture & Neptune - Firefly [Astrophonica]
Laytn - The Great Worm [Make or Break] [Forthcoming]
Friske - Dark Assemble [Requisite Music]
Krugah - Funky Drummers Revenge Take 2 [Soul & Pain Musik]
Abstract Drumz – Nothing Changes [Cause 4 Concern]
Imran Graffiti - Sisyphus [Inner City Dance]
Holsten - Figure Out The Name [DROOGS]
Amos Keato - Some Dread Purpose (Sekl Remix) [Make or Break]
Elementz of Noize - The Baddest [Elementz of Noize]
Metro - Blue Walk [Ortem]
Ben Kei - Out of Reach [Constellations]
Sekl - Dreams In Audio [Make or Break]
Marcus Intalex - Qwer Key [EXIT]
Density - Who Wants Some [Punctured Light Recordings]
Laytn - Youth [Make or Break] [Forthcoming]
Laytn - Carousel [Make or Break] [Forthcoming]
Greenleaf - Introspection [Greenleaf]
Laytn - Dust & Ages (Silence Groove Remix) [Make or Break]
Seba - Lviv [Secret Operations / Together with Ukraine]
Laytn - Great Worm EP - OUT NOW on Make or Break Bandcamp, digital stores and streaming platforms

Following on from the soulful vibes of Dust & Ages, Laytn switches it up going deep, dark and heavy with The Great Worm EP.

This EP is a real showcase of Laytn's talents covering a wide range of styles, keeping the sound fresh and modern.

The original rough ride. Haunting atmospheres are punctuated by nasty synths, deep layered breaks and twisted dancefloor energy.

The Great Worm
Laytn comes with an uncompromising tech influenced stepper for the headz. Darkcore pads, cavernous snares and ghostly stabs complete the warehouse vibes.

Built on a granite foundation of rolling 808s, 'Youth' constantly evolves with sharp breakbeat fragments and rude boy attitude.

Laytn shows his versatility with a grimy half time banger. Murky bass and filtered grime MCing combine to smack up the dancefloor.

Rough Territory - Fake Fears / Krugah Remix is OUT NOW on Make or Break Bandcamp, all digital stores and streaming platforms

Fake Fears - Opens with deep house stabs and a vocal for the times. The Funky Reese sets the tone for the Funky Drummer, the Funky 303 slides in, gradually opening up before letting loose on the second drop.

Walking On Wires - Rough Territory does what he does best - great sounding breaks, subtle edits and a smooth bass come together for a straight up roller. Electric chords build throughout, touches of dreamy sax and vocal stabs make this an enjoyable experience. Relax, sit back, nod your head and enjoy the ride.

Fake Fears (Krugah “Fearless tuh rass” Remix) - We have a breakbeat treat for you from the mighty Krugah! Brownsville’s finest works a VIP of Fake Fears in his own trademark style, with bolshy break chops, more cowbell and plenty of swag. The combination of crunchy Amens and the TB-303 is a refreshing take on the original style and pattern.

TRC2 - Natural World EP / Sekl Remix is OUT NOW on Make or Break Bandcamp, all digital stores and streaming platforms

Hot from his debut EP on Lightless Recordings, TRC2 shows another side to his talents on the Natural World EP.

Natural World
Does the earth have its own beat? An ever progressing drum pattern and murky pads evolve into the teased amen drop where a change in atmosphere opens up the possibility of a brighter future...

On Demand
Rave vibes, a catchy intro and soulful vocals set the scene for a dancefloor cut built on scattering rhythms and a warping bass groove.

Cultural Connection
Dubbed out stabs kick off this heavy bassline roller. Slamming drums and crashing percussion increase in intensity as the bass becomes a snarling animal.

Natural World (Sekl Remix)
Sekl rolls out the snares with a roughneck remix of Natural World.

Red Sky - Lessons of The Flood is OUT NOW on Make or Break Bandcamp, all digital stores and streaming platforms

Mat and Mark aka Red Sky, the versatile production duo from Birmingham, show off their broad musical influences and high quality production skills on their debut release for Make or Break. These tracks were nearly lost forever due to a hardware failure, but thankfully the tracks have been resurrected to bring us parables from the Lessons of The Flood.

Opens with a Steve Reich influenced minimal intro before the skies close and grow dark, bringing in the ruckus of the one-hundredweight Apache ripping it up with this straight banger.

Lessons of The Flood
What can we learn from the Lessons of The Flood?
Heavy tech stepper vibes.

Compulsive and so darkly comforting.
Bass so heavy, it'll reset your wifi.

Deeptropix - Noshaq EP is out now on Make or Break Bandcamp, all digital stores and streaming platforms

Make or Break is proud to present the debut EP from new talent Deeptropix, for all lovers of high grade, long form drum & bass music.

Deeptropix - Dot6
The opening track Dot6 expertly blends oldschool break choppage, house elements and sound system testing bass.

Deeptropix - Noshaq
Deep, jazzy jungle that would fit just as well in an oldschool or up to the time DJ set. 1994 lost DAT tape vibes brought into modern focus.

Deeptropix & Sekl - Karamba
Minimalistic techno percussion and sublime pads build seamlessly into an atmospheric breakbeat journey.

Deeptropix - Dervish Funk
Rocking jazz flutes, live bass and the sounds of a full percussion section, Dervish Funk is some serious, fuel injected, car chase library funk business.
Øval - Triangulation is out now on Make or Break Bandcamp, all digital stores and streaming platforms

Make or Break is excited to announce the debut single from Øval, a talented new artist straight out of Manchester. The tracks are serious bangers with Tiny Flames being one for the air drummers and Triangulation being one for the dance - TRC2 smashing the remix.

Øval - Tiny Flames 🔥
Breakbeat choppage at its finest. Øval draws out raw drum patterns over a hundredweight of bass to ignite this scorching track into pure fire.

Øval - Triangulation
Rough breaks, fresh acid bass and a militant attitude - Triangulation is an absolute banger.

Øval - Triangulation (TRC2 Remix)
TRC2 makes a welcome return to Make or Break with a lively, up-tempo remix to get the dance jumping
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