Major earworm need help


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Feb 9, 2017
Hi folks of the drum and bass community I come to you a man in need of help. Basically i heard a song in a mix about 8 years ago and also heard fabio play it in cardiff (buffalo bar) 2-3 years ago. Its been driving me absolutely mad for a few years trying to find it so im hoping someone can ID it from my limited information.

The sample sounded like "(couple of woahs) and i pray (pray again) i hope youre ready time and time again (more woahs)." Its a woman singing and it sounded fairly modern its also on the more liquid end of the spectrum. Pretty sure those lyrics are wrong but it sounds close to that. I have literally no other information although i can remember exactly what it sounds like in my head, im completely clueless.

I know im asking a lot with limited info but im at my wits end. Even started going through discogs label by label but theres a lot of dnb out there.

I hope there someone out there who gets what im talking about and i dont sound like a nutter haha.
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