Maize Peeling Machine Features and Functions

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    As the MAIZE PEELING MACHINE manufacturer, maize flour is familiar to us, but for the machine, few knows what the maize peeling machine is. The maize peeling machine that we put in practice is multi-functional. Next, the editor of Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. takes advantages and anti-blocking function of maize peeling machine as examples to give you a brief overview.

    This small maize peeling machine can be adjusted according to the product fineness at any time for uniform fineness in no need of grading sieve and secondary screening machine. All of the wearing parts of maize peeling machine are made by special wear-resistant material or carbide, good wearing resistance, reducing the cost of replacing wearing parts, so that the corn grits product can meet food grade requirements.

    The maize peeling machine can automatically clean up and crush a variety of different materials under normal operating condition without stopping the machine, mixing uniformly, one time making grains into powder without residue, no-circuit grinding, to ensure uniformity of the various components. Maize peeling machine feeding size is not limited, can be directly put into the machine without crushing, and can adapt to a variety of different water content of the material, without drying equipment distribution.