Mainly neurofunk - 30min mix.


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Dec 2, 2010
Room 2 @ Fabric
Mostly digital but 2 or 3 vinyl's in there too. Quite hard in respect to vinyl as i only have one TT, so cant play vinyl b2b. Recorded during my live mix i broadcast.
Used a Sony PST22 TT, and a VMS4 midi controller.
Its an oldish mix that i only just found again because i had to clear out my soundcloud because my unlimited upload trial had expired :(. Tonnes of tracks had been hidden, and found this at the bottom, was one of my first soundcloud mix uploads :).

DaVip & Encode - High Technology
Audio - Emissions
Spor - The Way Of The Samurai
Katharsys - The Scraper
Audio - Scanners
DaVip & Encode - Vamanos
Utopia - Scan Me
Dope Ammo ft MC Tali - Cold Rock A Party (Slumdogz remix)
Billain - Intrusion
Audio - Jibba Jabba
Heist - Death Star​
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Aug 19, 2010
West London
Missed it when you dropped it earlier this week. I'll have a little listen Rich...

Fucking lol at being followed by Somali Pirates on soundcloud!
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