Mainly liquid mix, with a bit of filth at the end

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    Feb 9, 2008
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    My liquid selection is fairly limted but thought i'd put together a little mix with some big tunes and threw in some nastyness at the end!!!

    Track list:
    Crystal Clear & Netsky - King of the stars
    Chase and status - Streetlife
    Tc -Deep
    Chase and status - Take me away
    High Contrast - Basement track
    Jakes, Tc- All about
    Split second - Feel you
    Subfocus - timewarp
    Shy fx - Feelings
    Jonny l -Back to your roots (Friction, K-tee remix)
    Break - Submerged (Calyx and Teebee remix)
    Brookes brothers - Tear you down
    Commix - Be True
    Chase and Status- Hurt you
    Show me love (Blame remix)
    Adele - Hometown (High contrast remix)
    Commix - Talk to Frank
    Hazard -Ho Bass
    Ed Rush and Optical - Alien girl
    Hazard -Mr Happy
    Original sin - Cheater cheater
    Noisia- Dipladocus
    Original sin - Don't be silly
    G Dub - ?? Too dam hard remix
    The Force - Story

    Enjoy, comments always welcome!!