Mainline on Leetradio- DJ Cure and Ytee- 22-24 GMT

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Mainline on Leetradio- DJ Cure and Ytee-Sundays 22-24 GMT

Mainline on Leetradio- DJ Cure and Ytee- 22-24 GMT

Mainline show will be feature some of the best drum'n'bass worldwide. Canadian talent will be fully represented here. Dj Cure is on the decks for this one and Ytee is our host. Our first show we featured 30 tracks and out of the 30, 25 were unreleased or unsigned tunes. We hope to continue this trend, so if you got tunes you want us to play, hit me up with a pm. We will also be featuring guest dj's.....Ben Sage and Ryan Ruckus(hustlin beats) for example.

Check out Mainline every sunday 22-24GMT.

DJ CURE (aka Patrik Walters)

SoulScape Records co-owner, Dj Cure has managed to explode into the extremely closed ranks of Canada’s top D&B Dj’s, Producers, and Promoters. Growing up in between Detroit and Toronto helped expose him to the sounds of techno, hip hop, hardcore, and Jungle at an early age. By the time he was 16 he was sneaking into any club possible, just to absorb the music. In 2000 he bought his first pair of tech 1200’s on a whim and the rest is history. Since then, Cure has held down his name on the bill at every D&B/Jungle event in London, and is now looked at as London’s D&B authority. Cure has deep ties with some of Toronto Best talent and has set the show for Major D&B dj’s such as Dieselboy, Concord Dawn, John Rolodex, Kenny Ken, Ed Rush, Max Graham, Capital J, MTVs Steve-O, Illfingaz, Ryan Ruckus, Ben Sage and more! Affiliations include SoulScape Records,, Release Records, Fortress Records, DIA Records, NEC productions, and Mainline.
A master of the tech 12’s, Cure is known for his flawless technical style mixing of hard, techy drum and bass that have been tearing up dance floors across North America. He is armed with only the freshest D&B and SoulScape dub plates that makes for a force to be reckoned with. This is a warning to dance floors everywhere, cus when Cure steps in the place, ya best ready to move!


(Soulscape Records,,, Blackmarketarmy, Bottom Line Kru)

Ytee aka Joel White has been involved in the scene since 1995. Starting out first as a promoter and then later moving into the role of emcee in 1998. Since then he has mc’ed for a whole slew of artists, Dieselboy, Dj SS, John Rolodex and Evol Intent to name a few. One of the factors Ytee contributes his success to his minimal approach when his on the mic. “I can’t stand when there’s an mc constantly rhyming over the music, half the time no one can understand what they’re saying.” Ytee explains. “I believe the role of an mc is to compliment the dj and hype the crowd.” That’s what he does best.
Ytee is involved in the scene in many other aspects as well. He contributes articles to whenever possible, has a monthly column for called the “Rising Future” where he features interviews with up and comers. If that wasn’t enough he just recently took on the role as manger for a label called Soulscape Records and deals with most of the pr for his label mates Crisis and Cure.

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