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This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
Looks like 2002 is turnin' out to be a good year DJ wise.

Does anyone have any tips for mailing lists, and how to get on them?



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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
dunno, u can pay for some mailing lists....infrared, underfire and formation, I expect more labels will follow suit but it's quite an expensive way of doing it and it does mean u r paying for tunes u may not like (wouldn't mind if they r free though).

Anyone on this board on mailing lists? Radio shows r good to blag promos apparently, also residences might help!


Digital Future
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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Friend of mine was telling me that theres certain places you can go, and if you show them your name on 4 professional fliers (to prove you are reasonably professional), they will put you on a mailing list. Never been able to find em though!


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Feb 20, 2002
ok here is the easyist way to blag free tunes

1)start ur own night
2)get the night running properly
3)get your night in all the dance magazine listings
4)get proper flyers and posters done

now you have 2 options one is to book some djs who are not massive but still well known then get them to sort you with tunes from their labels
or bombard every label with a mix cd and a pile of flyers and a breif cv of where you play you should get lucky with some one
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