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Nov 29, 2001


(From left to right: Smoking Monkey, Yen-Cee, DJ Mangle)

DNBforum had a chat with one of Germany's best up-and-coming Drum & Bass labels, Magic Vinyl. With releases and forthcoming releases from Ill.Skillz, Pish Posh and Ben Sage, things are certainly looking good for the 6 man label from Stuttgart, Germany.


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Nov 29, 2001
1. Who is behind Magic Vinyl?

Magic Vinyl is Smoking Monkey, Yen-cee, DJ Mangle, DVD, George T, & Ryan on design.

2. How did Magic Vinyl come about?

Yen-cee and Smoking Monkey had been friends for years prior to Smoking Monkey moving to Stuttgart. At the time Smoking Monkey was with a production crew, and Yen-cee knew Daniel Wiest, who was looking for artist to sign for a new label he wanted to start. Magic Vinyl was born from this meeting. Daniel eventually left Magic Vinyl, moving to Berlin and starting another label. Smoking Monkey took the head of the label and it has since expanded to the world wide label it's become today. With five releases under it's belt and more lined up, as well as a compilation CD of artist from around Germany.

3. How long has Magic Vinyl been running?

Magic Vinyl has been around since 1999.

4. Where is Magic Vinyl based?

Magic Vinyl is based out of Stuttgart, Germany, but is by no means confined to Germany or even Europe. With people working for Magic Vinyl all over the world, it's become so much more. George T was the first member outside of Europe to join the crew and since there have been two additional member added from outside of Europe, DVD & Ryan. All coming together for a common cause of releasing good music to make the dance floor move!

5. Can you describe the Magic Vinyl sound?

There is no particular sound of Magic Vinyl, except to say it's for the club. We all play a wide range of DnB to hold the label to one sound would be against what we feel. We want to push good music, and that's our biggest criteria when looking for tunes to put out. It doesn't have to be a heavy roller or soulfully funky to catch our attention, nice beats with a solid atmosphere and good mix down will catch our eye no matter the style.

6. How many releases have Magic Vinyl put out so far?

MV005 is out with Ill.Skillz remix of Imagination D's "The War is Over" backed with Pish Posh & Chris Young's "The Angel's Cry" with the vocal talent of Sarah Bergreen. There is a CD released called "Contribution". MV006 Cytech's "Drama" & "The Marching Order" is out on promo at the moment... many things lined up

7. Do you have any "exclusive" Magic Vinyl artists?

Both Drop Bass and Imagination D are exclusive to Magic Vinyl.

8. Does Magic Vinyl have a web site?

Yes -

9. Do you think the Internet has aided the success of Magic Vinyl?

Yes totally... it has allowed us to get the word out, and to push the sound further. It's also allowed Magic Vinyl to become a worldwide stronghold instead of just a local Stuttgart label. The advantage of the Internet is the capability to speak with people halfway around the globe without ungodly phone bills and the annoyance of the post. It has aided the label so many times over, sending tunes back and forth, giving reviews, and even doing interviews to let people see into who we, as a label, really are. I don't think many of the smaller labels would be able to exist as they do without it.

10. Which artists would you like to see working on Magic Vinyl?

We want anybody that has good music to be released. Send demos to us at anytime! We're always up for new sounds and always ready to give feedback!

11. Who would you like to commission to remix some of the Magic Vinyl back catalogue?

We've had the pleasure of Ill.Skillz remixing an Imagination D track. Also at the moment we have a remix EP set up... gonna be a special release with remixes from Resonant Evil, Future Prophecies, Pish Posh and Drop Bass! Be on the look out for information concerning that in the near future.

12. What forthcoming releases can we look forward to?

Well MV007 is going to be Ben Sage "Sleepless" with eerie vocals from Savvy flipped with the Burner Bros. "Global Killer". MV008 is set for B:rok "Recess" and Imagination D "Fast and Furious" ... the remix ep from above and another we're not letting out just yet... plus more things are always up the sleeve...

13. Do you have any advice for new label managers?

Work... a lot... when you're tired of it... work some more.

14. Do you have any other labels in the pipeline?

There is a project coming forth called Open Minded. It's a new concept, great ideas coming from this, you'll all hear more about it soon. Smoking Monkey has something lined up for himself, and another label with Nuendo...

15. Where do you see Magic Vinyl in 5 years time?

5 years is a long way off. It's hard to tell as we have some good ideas in the pot and there is no telling what we may do. We will still be looking for good music to put forth!

16. Where do new producers send their demos?

We accept CD's and mp3's (preferably 128 or better for sound quality)

also mailing address

Blaine Hawkes
70184 Stuttgart

For people in the US and Canada (or anywhere really) to make it cheaper without having the overseas charges...

David Lowe
6059 Ledgewood Dr
Forest Park, GA 30297

17. Finally, any shouts or greets?

Everyone who is out there supporting us and the entire DnB scene for being there for us to serve!

End of interview


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Nov 29, 2001
Re: Magic Vinyl

I would just like to thank the boys at Magic Vinyl for taking the time out for the interview - Bigups from the DNBforum massive :slayer:
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