Drum & Bass Mage - Music For The Mind LP (Celsius Rec) [CLS 2012 002 LP]


Artist: Mage
Co-Artists: Cain Mos, M25, Jebar, Nelver
Album: Music For The Mind
Cat#: CLS2012002LP
Release date: 5 March 2012

1-Mage - Intro
2-Mage - Deep Stories
3-Mage - A Neverending Way
4-Mage - Echo From The Past
5-Mage - Look to The Stars
6-Mage - Life in Motion
7-Mage - Lost in Time
8-Mage - Tones of Persistence
9-Mage & Nelver - There Where No Us
10-Mage - Somewhere in Major Key
11-Mage - On The Beach
12-Mage - Love in The Dark Colour
13-Mage & Cain Mos - Between Two Worlds
14-Mage - White Line
15-Mage & M25 - Savanna
16-Jebar & Mage - Moments
17-Mage - Colour of the Night
18-Mage - Untold Story
19-Mage - Outro

Support: Nookie, Stunna, Komatic, Kasio, LJHigh, Amnesty, ATP, Ashatack, Jay Rome, Fusion, DFunk, Overfiend etc...
Official promoter: Liquicity

Juno exclusive: http://www.junodownload.com/products/music-for-the-mind/1924500-02/
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