Madeon-ish Vocal Synth Help?


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Sup dudes

I've been through countless different synths, using every waveform I can think of trying to achieve a certain type of sound and I'm still stuck.
The sound in question is used all throughout Madeon's track "Icarus" and at the very beginning of Au5's "Crystal Mathermatics".

Icarus (0:08, 0:37):
Crystal Mathematics (0:01):

If anyone knows how to make it or at least knows what I'm talking about and can offer me a little help it would be greatly appreciated.

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To my ears it sounds like a pad with a vocal effect on it at the beginning of madeons song. But in 0:37 it's a hypersaw or a supersaw however you want to call it. Basically a Hypersaw (Supersaw) is made in Massive (ofc u can make it in other VSTs aswell but I prefer NI Massive) with 3 different osc's. Use the pitch (scales) to blend them in better. You have to put on a pitch cutoff too. For the tables you should use all saw waves and moderate them to your own taste. Add white noise to the sound too. In Icarus at 0:37 it is with sub bass too, that's why it sounds so beefy. There is also an arp going on there but you just wanted help with the synth. I hope I helped you bro. Good luck trying this if you haven't already!