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Introduce yourself.
I'm Elliot Payne, aka Madcap, 27 years old & I'm currently living in Chinnor, Oxfordshire. The first underground music I got into was stuff like NWA & Public Enemy, my older brother use to know Silvah Bullet so he got me a tape of his Album;
this was my first introduction to breakbeats. I got into the Rave scene when I was still at school at the end of 91. There was a few people swapping rave tapes & I knew a couple of people who had bought decks, I listened to early Carl Cox, Top Buzz, LTJ Bukem, SY, Slipmatt, Hype etc & was instantly hooked.

I grew up in a musical family, My Dad is a singer/songwriter, my Mum is a piano teacher & my older Brother is a drummer, so as you can imagine I lived in a pretty lively house.

My Dad used to have a makeshift studio in the front room & was always recording. Being so young was a stumbling block but this changed when securing a job at my local record shop Buzz Records in High Wycombe, which was associated with DJ Pulse and the influential Creative Wax label. Working in the shop I was obviously meeting with punters and promoters, which meant getting demo tapes handed out directly, leading to bookings up & down the country.

One of the biggest breaks I had was winning the Movement /Technics DJ Comp back in 2002 & a couple of years later I won 'Mix Tape Of The Month' in IDJ Magazine. I use to muck about producing tracks in the mid 90's with a mate on his Commodore Amiga using OctaMED but didn't really get into it on my own until about 2001. My first track I got signed was to Nookie on his Strictly Digital label called ‘My Soul’ feat Miss Trouble.

What was your first bought record?
Thriller LP by Michael Jackson, I was a big fan.

What was your first gig? Where, when, etc?
I use to do loads of house parties for mates. It seemed like everyone was putting on little gigs in the local sport / town halls, so I played at most of those as well. This was about 92-93.
I didn’t start playing in the nightclubs until I was about 15, this would have been in the summer of 95, I had longer hair, which made me look older helping me to get in the clubs haha.

What other (non dnb) music styles do you prefer?
I listen to House, Old Techno, Breaks, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Down tempo chilled stuff, Dub, some Guitar music the list goes on……….

Who is your favourite producer?
Right now I’m feeling tracks by Break, Andy Skopes, Sabre, Survival & Naibu.

Who is your favourite DJ? And why?
Marky, probably because he plays across the board & can mix & scratch superbly

What are the future plans?
To make more tunes… collaborate with more producers.
I’ve got releases forthcoming on Utopia Music, Jerona Fruits & Side Chain Music.

What can the listeners expect at this show?
3 Deck Mixing, Scratching & FX. To include tracks by Myself, Wilsh, Andy Skopes, Naibu, Break, Mako, Furney Sabre, to name a few. Hopefully showcasing a wide range of DnB styles.

What does your mother think of your dj bizznizz?
She loves it & has even supported me at the odd gig or two.

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