Machine Code (Current Value & Dean Rodell) Fresh Mix & LP


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Current Value - Semiconductor - Subtrakt
Machine Code - Red Unit - The Sect Music Vs Subsistenz
Machine Code - Suspend - Subsistenz - Under The Sun
Machine Code - Dischord - Subsistenz - Under The Sun
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Machine Code Vs The Sect - Channel 18 - Subsistenz - Under The Sun
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Machine Code - Under The Sun - Subsistenz - Under The Sun
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Machine Code - Reptile - Subsistenz - Under The Sun
Machine Code - Earth - Subsistenz - Under The Sun

Looking for tour dates across Europe between Feb and April for the launch of their latest LP - Under The Sun... contact

The mighty collaboration between 2 of the most significant artists in contemporary experimental Drum and Bass, Dean Rodell and Current Value, is set to release
their 2nd full length L.P. in the first half of February.

Machinecode first came to my attention a few years ago with a mix that they created for Combat Recordings; the complexity and dynamic nature of which totally blew me away. The precise technicality of the drum edits, with soaring and beautiful lead lines and shimmering ambient vistas setting the background for the brutal annihilatory techno infused syncopation... this duo plugged a hole musical gap that was begging to be filled since the inception of this technoid form. Following their early release, their first album 'Environments' was nothing short of a manifesto of experimentation of kick/snare placement, spanning multiple genres and defining new territory in each.

However, this new album represents a slight shift in sound - retaining their influences, while really placing focus on creating a truly DnB led album with 'riff led main arena smashers' alongside 'organic gritty rollers'. Seeking to take their potential that they've accrued to date to put out a truly towering record that is set to set the world of Drum and Bass alight, or perhaps rather mechanise this landscape and bend it to their vision. The release will include a collaboration with fellow MethLab artists 'The Sect' and a remix by the ever forward thinking dancefloor destroyer 'Dj Hidden'.