Label Macc & dgoHn "Some Shit Saaink" 2x12 OUT NOW

Hey all,

Glad to announce that the 4 track / 2x12" Vinyl version of the Macc & dgoHn album - "Some Shit Saaink" has arrived ! This is exclusive to the Subtle Audio Website until August 24th, when the vinyl will be on general release through ST Holdings.

As for the CD, we have agreed a licencing deal with a UK label and so that version will be delayed until Autumn.

Anyway - if you are interesting in getting the vinyl part now (4 weeks before the general release through ST Holdings) then head on over to the Subtle Audio Shop !

Macc & dgoHn - "Some Shit Saaink" (SUBTLE003EP)

1A. "Mustard Greens"
1AA. "Things Go Brown"
2A. "July 39th"
2AA. "Long Tall Sally"

Here's the direct link to the shop item + audio links

"Time to enter the insane, weird, drum-centric world of Macc & dgoHn as the Subtle Audio camp proudly delivers its first album long player by this pair of not altogether insane East Londoners.

Subtle Audio has been pushing Drum & Bass with a slighly different slant for over four years now and this album could well be presented as their mission statement, it sums up the distinctive sound of the label perfectly.

Macc & dgoHn favour a breakbeat driven style and they incorporate their beats into ever shifting cinematic arrangements brim full of attitude and experimentation. Individually, their sounds have travelled far beyond the Drum & Bass microcosm and their works have been aired by the likes of Zane Lowe and Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1. Aphex Twin is also an admirer and his festival playlists have contained Macc or dgoHn on more than one occasion. Now they unleash a volley of material from their collaborative archive which is set to disarm critics who thought Drum & Bass had run out of rhythms, arrangements and silly album titles.

No fear on that, "Some Shit Saaink" is here !"

Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far and just to let you know,

the cost of the 2x12" is 12.50 Euro + 4.85 Euro for postage (to anywhere in the world). Total - 17.35 Euro.