Macc, dgoHn, Equinox mp3 releases on Subtle Audio Digital !

Hi all,
NEW Macc & dgoHn mp3 releases on Subtle Audio Digital !

just letting you know about two fresh releases from two masters of drums dgoHn and Macc on the digital division of Subtle Audio Recordings ...

These 320 kbs mp3's are available exlusively from now for £1 (or 1.50 Euro) each. Each release comes with printable artwork in a zipped download.

Audio and art below - check em out !

If you like any of the tunes and want to download em this is the link you need :

SUBTLED003 :: dgoHn - "Headspace Sampling Apparatai"

SUBTLED004 :: Macc - "Panic Kills"

Don't forget, the first two releases on Subtle Audio Digital are also available :

SUBTLED001 :: Alpha Omega - "Asteroids"

SUBTLE D002 :: Breakage - "Questions" VIP

All 8 Subtle Audio vinyl releases are still in stock in the shop if anyone is still looking for copies, aswell as mp3 versions of the first 5 releases (upto and including the Equinox "Retroism" / "Roy Ting" release)

Subtle Audio catalogue (in order of release) :

SUBTLE001 :: Alpha Omega - "Know How" / "Tribalist"
SUBTLE002 :: Equinox / Senses - "The Phantoms" / "All Over"
SUBTLE003 :: Fracture & Neptune / Polska - "A Glass World" / "Burning Sun"
SUBTLE005 :: Fanu / FanuSamurai - "I Play It Cooler" / "Heavenless" / "Skyscraper Dreams"
SUBTLE006 :: Equinox - "Retroism" (Where Are You ?) / "Roy Ting"
SUBTLE004 :: Sileni Pressing Buttons / Failspan / Bouncing Octagonal Fragments
SUBTLE007 :: Cloak And Dagger Time Travelling / Soul Sauce
SUBTLE001EP :: Macc - "So Far" (feat. "4L + N" / "Messier 51", with Duffah / "Bridge Over Broken Water", with 0=0 / "Drumslut")

thanks to all those who are supporting the label and playing the plates / mp3's.

Watch for for new 12"s by dgoHn and Fracture & Neptune soon.