Mac 2 - Time Is The Fire (Strider Remix)

dj_EnErG!zE said:
dark lil tune

ya make a nice tune an it doesnt get a releace?!?

what are you doing! :nutkick:
It's really a shame isn't he's got so much quality stuff and most of it doesn't see the light of day. I can't get enough of his stuff but it's all so limited. If i had the backings i'd build a label simply just to put out all his hidden jams.


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thanks for ya comments so far :2thumbs:
This remix may well not be getting released because Jay A sides did a remix before me and Randall rung and ask me if id do a special VIP just for him to play out and put on his forthcoming Mac 2 CD which is out next year. Of course i remembered the tune and jumped at the chance to remix it - who wouldnt!!?? However, If enuff support is generated from the few people who have got this then there is a slim chance that it might get a limited pressing
@ JimBap - Im Really glad your feeling the stuff and i know u've heard alot of stuff that aint coming out - but there are personal reasons for this, and much of the best stuff I've done is yet to come - It's just a little early to be posting it up on the net thats all

Cheers again :alchy: