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October 26, 2012


M. Wagner live from Detroit, Michigan USA
Saturday 00:00- 02:00 GMT (Friday 19:00- 21:00 EST)

Dark Drumstep, Techstep and Neurofunk, broadcasting from the birthplace of Techno. Follow me on twitter @MWagnerFilthFM for updates and live set list information.

1 J Dilla Welcome 2 Detroit
2 Figure Creepin feat. Proe (Alex Sin Remix)
3 MANTIS Fumes (Drumstep VIP) ft. Ricky Raw
4 haX/Chizzle Between a Rock and a Dubplate (haX Bromix)
5 Knightfreak Princess Mononoke (Drumstep Mix)
6 Knightfreak Princess Mononoke (Original Mix)
7 Body & Soul Warned (Original Mix)
8 TC Rockstar (Original Mix)
9 DJ Ferro, Mc Def Ne Voglio Ancora (Kombot Rmx)
10 Bluescreens TRAP (Original Mix)
11 Whiskey Pete, Hot Mess Wild & Reckless (Original Mix)
12 Black Sun Empire Chaingang (Remix)
13 Prolix Pick Pocket (Original Mix)
14 Kantyze, Disphonia 1987 Demons (Original Mix)
15 Freestylers, Wizard Mount Zion (Original)
16 Disphonia Collapsed (Zero Method Remix)
17 Barron Love Sensation (Original Mix)
18 Bio Executrix (Original Mix)
19 2dB Break The Walls (Original Mix)
20 Wilkinson Tonight (Original Mix)
21 Kantyze Summit Grinder (Original Mix)
22 Kantyze Skid (Original Mix)
23 TC Where's My Money (Clipz Remix)
24 Elonious & Wobbelix Twisted City
25 Athys, Duster Nemesis (Original Mix)
26 Chris.Su Datahub (Mindscape Remix) (Remix)
27 Culture Shock Troglodyte (Original Mix)
28 Disphonia Headfirst (Original Mix)
29 Paimon, Place 2B Madfunk (Original Mix)
30 Prolix, MC Coppa Feed the Habit feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
31 Prolix, MC Coppa Interlace feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
32 Aliman DIS (Original Mix)
33 2dB Blunderbus (Original Mix)
34 Figure, Bare Jack the Ripper (Original Mix)
35 Dirt Monkey, Anna Yvette Hurt So Good (Metaphase Remix)
36 MUST DIE! Back To The Future (Ft. Ricky Raw, Eddie Gold & McBeezy)
37 MUST DIE! Bad Boy Sound (Original Mix)
38 Figure No Turning Back (J.Rabbit Remix)
39 Konichi Noise Police (Original Mix)
40 JFB Five On It (Original Mix)
41 Kantyze Smugglers (Original Mix)
42 Gangsta Fun Level Zero VIP
43 Fourward Steady State (Original Mix)
44 Moxix Give Up feat. Louis C (Dexcell Remix)
45 Noisia, The Upbeats Dustup (Original Mix)
46 Kantyze Battledrone (Original Mix)
47 Black Sun Empire Delorean (Original)
48 ShockOne Way You Move (Original Mix)


Get Locked...
The podcast of tonight's special Devil's Night Edition of Live from Detroit is up and ready.
30 October 2012 Live From Detroit with M.Wagner
Check it out and lock it in


1 J Dilla Welcome 2 Detroit
2 Michael Wagner Detroit Tone Light One (Esham vs. GQMF & The Bolivian Marching Affair)
3 Catex Headshot
4 Dodge & Fuski Bad Ft. Messinian (Original Mix)
5 Liquid Stranger Mechanical Stuff
6 Bio Switch Bitch (Original Mix)
7 The Prodigy Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
8 Tantrum Desire Reach Vip
9 Danny Byrd Ill Behaviour feat. I-Kay (Original Mix)
10 Cause4Concern Never Acid Again (Neonlight Remix)
11 Maztek, NC-17 Earworm feat. KC (Original Mix)
12 Place 2B Poseidon (Semantics Remix)
13 Kantyze Spacelab (Original Mix)
14 Maztek Galactica (Original Mix)
15 Black Sun Empire feat. Nymfo Kempi
16 Paimon, Place 2B Phase Of Paimon (Original Mix)
17 Treo, Semantics Cash Money (Original Mix)
18 Subfocus X Ray
19 TC Where's My Money (Original Mix)
20 Benny Page Tear Down (Original Mix)
21 JFB Five On It (Original Mix)
22 NC-17 Slug Path (The Upbeats Remix)
23 Loadstar Bomber (Original Mix)
24 Kantyze Smugglers (Original Mix)
25 Konichi Noise Police (Original Mix)
26 Incognito Bullet Points
27 2dB Break The Walls (Original Mix)
28 Body & Soul Warned (Original Mix)
29 Black Sun Empire Chaingang (Remix)
30 Disphonia Collapsed (Zero Method Remix)
31 Knightfreak Princess Mononoke (Original Mix)
32 Von Datliquor (Original Mix)
33 DJ Ferro, Mc Def Ne Voglio Ancora (Kombot Rmx)
34 Figure Creepin feat. Proe (Alex Sin Remix)
35 Drop Goblin Sick, Epic, Dope, Bangin (Synchronice Remix)
36 Drop Goblin Sick, Epic, Dope, Bangin (DANK (USA) Remix)


Get Locked...
This week's podcast is up and ready. 3 hours of drum and bass.



1 Future Tense feat. Jo-S (Original Mix) S.P.Y
2 Out Of My Mind (Rameses B Remix) Holly Drummond
3 Emotional Cetys
4 Path Of Least Resistance (Original Mix) Mob Tactics
5 Detroit feat. Cyantific (Original Mix) Cyantific, Dimension
6 Odyssey (Original Mix) Maztek
7 Funk Feel (Original Mix) Chromatic
8 Thumper (Original Mix) Bionic1
9 Renegade Master (Urban Takeover Mix) Wildchild
10 Know Fi Your Waist (Original Mix) Benny Page
11 Vegas (Original Mix) Original Sin
12 Brown paper bag (Roni Size full vocal Remix) Roni Size
13 The Nine Bad Company
14 Painkiller feat. SirReal - Ori Freestylers, Pendulum
15 Insidious VIP (Original Mix) Kantyze
16 Hot Fuzz feat. Tomahawk (Original Mix) Tomahawk, Danny Byrd
17 Neon ft Jenna G (haX Remix) haX/Doctor P/Jenna G
18 Prang Mob Tactics
19 It's only drum'n'bass! Original mix Under the city
20 The Scorpion VIP (Original Mix) Crimson
21 Thugged Out Bitch (Original Mix) Dillinja
22 Soul Food (Original Mix) Original Sin
23 Jam Hot Ill Figure
24 Everyday/ Cain & Bizzy B Cain & Bizzy B
25 You Skream (Original Mix) Original Sin
26 Riptide (Original Mix) Optiv, BTK
27 Glow (Dub) haX
28 The Tomorrow People (Original Mix) Cyantific
29 System ft. Natalie Williams (Keeno Remix) nu:tone
30 Moving Together (TC Remix) Document One, Maksim, Tigerlight
31 Sick, Epic, Dope, Bangin (Synchronice Remix) Drop Goblin
32 Sick, Epic, Dope, Bangin (DANK (USA) Remix) Drop Goblin
33 The Machines (Original Mix) Urban Assault
34 Blast Off!!! Skape
35 Red Heat (TC Remix) Skism
36 Way You Move (Original Mix) ShockOne
37 You like this! (Original mix) Under the City
38 Machinery (Jaydan Remix) Konichi, Decimal Bass
39 Battledrone (Original Mix) Kantyze
40 Delorean (Original) Black Sun Empire
41 Generator - Original Mix Mind Vortex
42 Sabotage - Original Mix Futurebound, Metrik
43 Screw Up - Original Mix Ewun
44 Drowning (AK1200 remix) Cleveland Lounge
45 Digital Rocker (Original Mix) Tristan Garner
46 Creepin feat. Proe (Alex Sin Remix) Figure
47 Ne Voglio Ancora (Fatsnare Rmx) DJ Ferro, Mc Def
48 Pocket Dial (Original Mix) Chris SU, Trei
49 Seriously, Guys MUST DIE!
50 What Is Your Desire Ft I-Kay (Dance Floor Pressure Mix) Tantrum Desire
51 One More Time (Original Mix) Benny Page
52 Warned (Original Mix) Body & Soul
53 Break The Walls (Original Mix) 2dB
54 Pick Pocket (Original Mix) Prolix
55 Chaingang (Remix) Black Sun Empire
56 Collapsed (Zero Method Remix) Disphonia
57 Mad World (Original Mix) Original Sin
58 You'll Never Take Me Alive Ft. Beardyman (Original Mix) Calyx, TeeBee, Beardyman
59 Datliquor (Original Mix) Von
60 Sassy Shuffle RealTalK
61 Hurt So Good (Metaphase Remix) Dirt Monkey, Anna Yvette
62 Back To The Future (Ft. Ricky Raw, Eddie Gold & McBeezy) MUST DIE!
63 The Last Dawn (Original Mix) FIGURE