m-Atome 13 : PROPAGANDA - Drama / KENEI - ESCAPE

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    m-Atome recs presents

    CAT NO. MAT 013
    Promos out on July 20th
    Full release in September 2007



    A: Drama
    Having already a respectful number of smashing releases on imprints such as Offkey,DSCI4,Revolution & Position

    Chrome, Propaganda strikes again with his unique blend of techno and drum n’ bass,but this time on m-Atome .

    “Drama” opens with tribal percussion,gritty beats,shrilly hooks and a haunting voice leading to a menacing

    bassline,discharging the energy of the track.A great crafted piece of dirty tech that is.You know what to

    expect !

    audio: www.myspace.com/matomerecs



    AA: Escape
    French talent Kenei is sure one to watch.Already spotted by Citrus,Melting Pot & Protogen,his m-Atome debut

    with ”Escape” is a deep neurofunk cut contrasting with the rageous A side.Melancholic strings are come along

    a filtered beat and a hearty bass ,a whole that bring out a classy & rolling tune ,sure to please all.

    audio: www.myspace.com/matomerecs

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