mc bounce
common then boys and girls who's get some lyrics for us to read.

lets see what iv got ermmmm....

religiously inspiring teens,
to get into there bodys and dig down deep,
its potential not all worthless dreams,
belive 1 day youl reach your peek,
given the chance to stand and speak,
trust your vibes will reek through the air,
leaving ravers un prepared,
wondering where there money went,
has it bin spent or saved for the next event,
making sure im allways there,
inteligent its the way to be,
wanna make my name in history,
no-ones gonna come be nocking me or mocking,
i rolling in so solidly,
im a class act not no wannabe,
common sence says just leave me let be,
my anger is like fire at 3rd degrees,
bin a praise in the scene since i was 16.

cummon then peeps!! :D