Lutharon Sample Pack. Kicks not working?


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May 15, 2011
Hey guys,

I was wondering if you have any idea what the problem is here. I think the most likely reason is maybe a corrupt "Kicks" folder but I have no idea...

Heres the thing. I am using Cubase 4. The Plugin I use for Percussion is the GTG DPC 3. I downloaded the Lutharon Sample pack a while back and have only just got the chance to try out any of the samples! :P I'm not sure if you guys know the GTG DPC 3 well but it essentially just a Sampler. You can whack anything in there despite the fact they highlight the separate areas for Snares, Toms, etc.

Anyways, I made two new kits. One called Hats and one called Snares. You guessed it! Hats is filled with Hats and Snares is filled with Snares! All of which from the Lutharon Pack. I have tried making a Kicks one too. I load in a kick sound from the pack, any kick sound, and then I get absolutley no sound at all. It seems none of the kicks work! An some occasions it gets to the point where Cubase completley freezes, then the laptop meaning I can't open up Task Manager to try and get rid of it and I have to shut down my laptop.

I have no idea what is going on but these Kicks keep screwing up my computer! Haha, Any ideas?
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