Lucio De Rimanez - Barcode Recordings Filthcast 005 [2008/12/03]


Germany DnB Szene
VIP Junglist
Apr 22, 2007

• This Special Edition Filthcast is brought to you by artist we consider to have an amazing talent, refreshing ideas and a great inspiration for us going forward into 2009
• Born and raised near Moscow, Russia - 20 year Lucio De Rimanez has wowed us (a couple of times now) with his production and experiemental take on drum n bass
• Expect deep atmospheres, brutal drums, bleeps and bangers


Donny - Search & Destroy (Barcode Recordings)
Current Value - Cybernetics VIP (Barcode Recordings)
Lucio De Rimanez - Pain (Unsigned)
Limewax - Aria (Tech Itch Recordings)
Lucio De Rimanez - Children (Mindsaw)
Limewax - Give Up (Freak Recordings)
Lucio De Rimanez - Synthetic Life (Unsigned)
Lucio De Rimanez - Ugly Fat Reality (forthcoming on Algorythm Recordings)
Current Value & Snow - Come La Neve (Unsigned)
Current Value - Strange Peace (Tech Itch Recordings)
Gein - Simon (Tech Itch Recordings)
Lucio De Rimanez - Sorrows Of Satan (forthcoming on Barcode Recordings)
Lucio De Rimanez - Worlds (Mindsaw)
Audio - Icarus (Tech Freak)
Lucio De Rimanez - Flying Machines (Unsigned)
Audio - Vigilante (Tech Freak)
Lucio De Rimanez - Breath Of Steel (Future Sickness)
Raiden - Sputnik (Offkey Recordings)
Lucio De Rimanez - To Be A Robot (Unsigned)

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