LTJ BUKEM (3HR SET), D-BRIDGE & A.I. - Fri 16th June @ Dojo, Bristol


Next up at Dojo Lounge we present a summer party of epic proportions to rock the Dojo Lounge. A very rare and exciting opportunity to witness two pioneers of deeper drum n bass play extended sets in an intimate location. In fact, Dojo has never seen a lineup of this scale....

This special all-nighter will go on til 7am, and will feature an exclusive three hour set from the legendary LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, as well as a two hour set from D-Bridge, along with extended sets from Intrigue residents Artificial Intelligence and The Insiders. It's our last event before the Autumn (we need a holiday!), and thought it would be a nice treat for all the headz.

Barbeque food will be available throughout the night, and we’ll be giving away Intrigue mix CDs to a lucky few. There will also be extra sound system installed, so the Dojo will sound its fattest yet...

Join us for what will be one of our best nights ever... get some sleep first though!!


Intrigue - Deeper drum n bass
@ Dojo Lounge, Park Row, Bristol BS1 5LJ

Friday 16th June 2006

LTJ BUKEM & MC CONRAD (Good Looking Records) - 3 HOUR SET
D-BRIDGE (Exit/Metalheadz/Bad Company UK) - 2 HOUR SET
THE INSIDERS (Catch 22/Good Looking Records/Metalheadz) - 2 HOUR SET
AYAH (Live vocals)


Doors: 10pm-7am. Entry: £7 before 10:30pm / £8 after
Information: /
Visit the site to check the photos from the nights...

Limited advance tickets available from:
Ticketweb (
Bristol Ticket Shop, Broadmead (0870 4444 400)
Replay Records, Park St (0117 904 1134)


Special guest: LTJ BUKEM (Good Looking Records/Progression Sessions)
Probably the main innovator of jungle from its early stage as an offshoot of hardcore techno, LTJ Bukem gained fame in all fields of the drum'n'bass movement. Known for being both the owner and founder of the Good Looking/Looking Good label and for his recordings, Bukem was a major force in the late '80s and early '90s. Mixing the strings and natural ambience of '70s jazz-fusionists such as Lonnie Liston Smith and Chick Corea and the Chicago house and moody Detroit techno all worked together to created the '90s rave and hardcore scene. Bukem's style was recognized when the jungle scene gained momentum during the '90s. From London, Danny Williamson, was adopted and raised in Watford by strict Baptist parents, earning his nickname from the TV series Hawaii Five-O ("book 'em, Danno"). Bukem released his debut artist album Journey Inwards in the spring of 2000, and since then has released several of the groundbreaking Progression Sessions mix CDs.

Special guest: MC Conrad (Good Looking Records/Progression Sessions)
Thanks to his partnership with LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad has become one of the leading voices of the British drum'n'bass movement. His freestyle rhymes bring a sense of humanity and excitement to Bukem's Good Looking Records camp's many live performances and to their popular Progression Sessions series of albums. This polished and proven partnership between Good Looking's stable of DJs -- Bukem, Blame, Tayla, Rantoul, as well as others -- and Conrad sets the collective apart from the countless other DJs and MCs still struggling to mix rapping with drum'n'bass mixing.

Special guest: D-Bridge (Exit/Metalheadz/Bad Company UK)
The latest venture in D-Bridge's career is the fruition of a lifetime goal in the form of drum & bass label Exit Records. Exit came about as a result of Darren’s desire to be able to express his own individual qualities as a producer, rather than being a contributor to a greater whole. Embarking on a solo effort is a natural progression for Darren, who through the success of Bad Company UK, Spacek and more recently with Istickz has managed to create a diverse and inspirational release catalogue of enviable proportions. Darren has released on several high-profile labels including Metalheadz, Liquid V and Bingo Beats- including the massive ‘True Romance’ – the tune which shook the D&B scene and simultaneously launched D-Bridge’s signature “aggressively beautiful’ sound into the spotlight. With a history as varied and colourful as this, who knows what to expect next from D-Bridge?

Residents: Artificial Intelligence (Widescreen/V Recordings)
Having worked hard in the scene for ten years in one shape or another, it's hardly surprising that Glenn and Zula aka Artificial Intelligence take offence when people tag them with the "newcomer" badge. The work they have put in and the knowledge gained from it over the years is the reason why they are here now, releasing quality records on even higher quality labels. A.I. are riding high on their early success confident that they have what it takes to make it in the scene as well as providing the punters with quality tunes, knowing that when you pick up an A.I record you know you will get quality. They sum up their ethos as "we want to spread our music to as many people as possible that's the whole reason for doing it in the first place. It's the satisfaction of making it but also of spreading it to as many people as possible. Not like a preacher or a talker on the TV. We prefer to let our music do the talking across the world. You make some kind of mark on people's minds". And they have already made a hell of a mark and without a doubt more is on the way.

Residents: The Insiders (aka Catch 22/Good Looking Records/Metalheadz)
Ben Payne and Joe Wills aka The Insiders have had releases on many groundbreaking labels such as Creative Source, 31 Records, Defunked, Breakbeat Science and Renegade. They are also known as Catch 22, with 3 of their productions featured on Progression Sessions Vol. 10 mixed by LTJ Bukem. Recent releases include Enigma (Creative Source), Deep Down / Back & Forth 12" (31 Records), Grace (Rubik Records) and Do Your Thing (Nu Directions). Caned by the likes of Fabio, LTJ Bukem, Storm and Bryan G to name a few. Look out for tracks due on Metalheadz and Horizons Music in the coming months, as well as a mix CD for Nu Directions. The Insiders will also be launching Intrigue Records later in the year...