LQDZ002 - Flowrian - '5 Pound Job' & 'Erase, Cut & Merge' is **OUT NOW**

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    LQDZ002 - Flowrian - '5 Pound Job' & 'Erase, Cut & Merge' is ***OUT NOW***


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    Liquid Drumz is a label set up to showcase 'Musical' Drum & Bass from artists worldwide & after a successful launch we turn once again to a producer very much on the rise..!

    Flowrian follows up his debut release with two smoove tracks called '5 Pound Job' & 'Erase, Cut & Merge'. Both vary in styles & have a feeling & vibe that showcase the amazing production skills of Flowrian once again!

    With his tracks already being supported by the likes of LTJ Bukem, Ash-A-Tack, SoulTec and Paul SG, Flowrian is definitely a producer to look out for..!

    Our 1st release, Flowrian 'Downtown Story' & 'A Little Bit Of Luck' is **OUT NOW** & You can buy the tracks from various online stores including: IMOdownload, Chemical, iTunes , Amazon, plus many many more...

    For more information please visit our website