Lowriderz - Urban Wave Podcast 014 - 2016/06/05


Your amen brother
Dec 7, 2010
Saint Petersburg, Russia, Russia
Lowriderz - Urban Wave Podcast 014 (Guest mix by GVOZD)



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Lowriderz mix
1)Outselect & Smoky Dogg - Love Da Breakbeat (Lowriderz Remix)
2)Dub Zero - Chill Pill
3)Metal Work - Never Go There (Spaow Remix)
4)Logan D & Dominator - Jump (Serum & Voltage Remix)
5)Lowriderz - Up On Ugly
6)ID - ID
7)NU4M - Dark Energy (Kije Remix)
8)Zere & Habriel Habit - Codeine
9)Metal Work & M92 - Open Both Eyes
10)Vital Elements & Micky Finn - So Good
11)Serum & Voltage - Break It Down
12)Freek - Dope Addict
13)Heist - Mancubus
14)Filthy Habits & Jeopardize - Bloodshed
15)Envenom - Deaths Door
16)Damage Report - Polluted Shadows
17)Emperor - Haste
18)T Zone - Badman
19)Ozma - Your Love Higher VIP
20)Critycal Dub feat Yush - Roadblock 2016 VIP
21)Simula - Truth Serum
22)Lowriderz & Smoky Dogg - Badman (Green Vibes Remix)
23)Heist - Grotty Chops
24)Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Dub Tickles
25)Upfront & Aesthetics - Nostromo
26)Envenom - Killer Bass
27)Vigorous - Stomping Ground
28)Dorian - Bluds
29)Abstract Elements - Curcuma
30)Hizzleguy - Lay Down
31)Serum & Voltage - Floodgate
32)Klay - Bubbles

Gvozd mix
33)Spaow - Dedicated To Girlz
34)Lauren Mason - Love Hertz (Supreme Being remix)
35)Jabba - Hold It
36)Rushmore - Burger and Fries
37)mr Quiet & Sym On - You Should Be Punished
38)Invaderbeatz - G13
39)Complex - Bad Bitches
40)Sub Killaz - Hog Bass (Konichi remix)
41)Dossa and Locuzzed - Electric Boogie
42)Ceph - Help Me
43)Newton - Silence
44)Ironlung - Barbaric (Damage Report remix)
45)Dez - Invaderz
46)Bass Shock - Rule
47)Metal Work - Never Go There (spaow remix)
48)Dez - My Girl
49)Vacuum - (More) Elemental
50)Upgrade - We Run It

Lowriderz with support from Timeofnight Promotion represent the 14th edition of The Urban Wave Podcast. In the first part of the mix will feature new tracks from Heist, Serum & Voltage, Envenom, and a new collection of Deep in the lab Volume 3 which will be released on the label Co-Lab!

Guest mix prepared founder of Drum & Bass movement in Russia, owner of the label "Respect Records", one of the founders and host radio "Pirate Station" - DJ Gvozd

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