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Mar 18, 2017
Hey guys,
I discovered this forum few weeks ago and I'm amazed. Found some really good posts that helped me out in many situations. Now I signed up to help aswell whenever I can.
Currently one thing drives me crazy. I'm using ableton live 8 and I have some mysterious problems when highpassing my snare drum. When I apply a highpass to my snare sample, the level meter peaks between 2-6 db louder, depending on which sample I use. It's the same for audio clips and when I drag the same sample into the simpler. It doesn't happen when I highpass a snare sound coming from the operator though.
I tried to mess around with the samplerate settings of ableton, different equalizers, filtertypes, always resulting in the same effect.
Btw this is only happening to snare samples, kickdrums for example don't have this issue.

What is that shit?
Can Anyone help me please?
Thanks guys, this is it!
In the meantime I figured out that these phasing problems are caused by clipped or limited signals aswell as any square signals. To prove this I opened the operator and chose the square D wave then highpassed it. There we go, the level peaked about 3db louder. When I took a sample without any compression or limiting, then limited the shit out of it so that it hit 0db (what creates actually a square within the audio signal, like any sine wave after strong limiting or clipping becomes a squarewave) I ended up with the same phasing problems with highpassing.
My question now would be how to handle compressed samples like the snares from the free cymatics sample pack, that are limited as f***.
I don't have the money to buy me the fabfilter eq. Are there any free solutions?
I tried also to put a limiter after the eq, but the ducking by the added phased frequencies is so strong that it takes out all the punch from the snare sample.
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