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Jan 29, 2012
I am 18-years old "producer" running on low budget, near zero. I make songs with pure power of finnish beer and with the hope somebody will someday listen to my songs. :D
You might notice from sentence above i come from finland.
I use varied kinds of VST-plugins and as a DAW i use FLStudio 7. I use both flstudio & audacity on mixing. Sadly i have hearing damage on my right ear and my sense of hearing is clearly weaker than others in my age.
That's the main reason i can't be hi-fi producer. Other reason is that i don't have studio, i have normal headphones. :P

But well, music is refreshing hobby, but as a job it is hell, so i'm kinda happy that im an amateur.

BTW you can listen my sounds on soundcloud;

and my newest DNB song on youtube;

- Isoah0

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Mar 2, 2010
Welcome aboard. Be sure to check out the production part of the forum.
Lots of neat tutorials and info.
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