DnB Love or Hate LP (Free download)


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Jun 21, 2008

Ragga-jungle.ru proudly to present our first release «Love or Hate» LP, which we hope will attract your attention, and fill up your music library and mixes.

«Love or Hate» LP - a collection of remixes on acapella of russian singer Ragga Mafia.
The album presents a variety of styles, from smooth dub and dubstep to an explosive drum and bass and amen jungle.
In work on the tracks involved: Mek, Mindlab (Trudebwoiz Cartel), Cook's R , Mana Boom, FeyDer (Mashed Youths Crew), Xsinon!
We hope that everyone will find in this album sound to your taste!

>> DOWNLOAD «Love or Hate» LP <<

https://soundcloud.com/love-or-hate-lp%2F01-mek-dub-mix https://soundcloud.com/love-or-hate-lp%2F02-mindlab-dubstep-mix https://soundcloud.com/love-or-hate-lp%2F03-cook-s-r-breaks-mix https://soundcloud.com/love-or-hate-lp%2F04-feyder-jungle-mix https://soundcloud.com/love-or-hate-lp%2F05-mana-boom-jungle-mix https://soundcloud.com/love-or-hate-lp%2F06-xsinon-drum-and-bass-mix
Big up to all who participated in the creation of this release:
all the musicians who wrote songs,Ragga Mafia for vocals, Mindlab for help with sound, Alexandra for a great cover design!
One Love!
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