LOST! Sect, Noisy Boy, Subkulture+Cameron, Fiasco. Thurs 4th Oct £2 @ The Croft

Goat and Fiasco Present…


A new monthly night starting at the lovely Croft featuring Drums, Bass and lots of Crabs.



The Sect (Offkey/Position Chrome/Freak)

Since being discovered living in a well in rural Mississippi eating clams and moss the Sect boys have come a long way. Using potatoes, teacups and a flux capacator as the basis of their studio they have managed to summon the ghost of Mike Reid in Technoid form. Amongst bleepy madness and rampant bass the calls of 'PAAAAT' can clearly be heard.

Noisy Boy (Dissident)

Having spent his youth as an urchin working in the ketamine fields of Stoke (due to his deformed and freakishly long fingers he was in great demand) it wasn't long before Nick absorbed so much K that his Brain wave became exactly the same waveform as the amen break. This allows him to mix blindfolded and in a seperate room from the turntables. Magic.

Nick Subkulture (Upload/Kss) + Cameron (Tastybooze inc)

Nick is right good on the turntables and is right tall. At the same time! Nick also once built a whole soundsystem out of rice crackers,

Cameron once drank so much he went into the future, whilst he was there he discovered the secret of cold fusion. When he sobered up he returned to the present day and had a sandwich. Mental.

Fiasco (Therapy Sessions)

Fiasco has been looking for a missing crab since the age of 6. Anyone with any information should call their mum. QUICK!

MC Syntax

Syntax was raised by a troop of delinquent sea otters, who, despite their trouble making ways were able to instill a basic sense of right or wrong into him. This enabled him not to get caught stealing sweets at the local shop like all the other marine mammal reprobates and develop his own fantastic drum and bass hosting style. woot.


The Blast Djs

With their frenzied combination of genital piercings, facial hair and casanova styles the Blast boys are an unstoppable booty force, watch out ladies!

Powercut (We don't play)

John was born in a volcano and amused himself by making wigs out of magma and gravel, then, one day James Brown came on a sightseeing tour and told John to 'Get out this goddamn volcano and take it to the bridge' Funkmaster Powercut was born.

Dj Climate

Dave Climate drew bored with his jet set lifestyle wintering in Val D'Sare, summering in the Hamptons, so craving some 'real' excitement he moved into a milk bottle on turbo island, all was going well until he was accidentally drank by a tramp. Following the worst 24 hours ever in a Hobos colon he emerged refreshed with a new found zest for life.

Thursday 4th of October

At The Croft 117-119 Stokes Croft Bristol Avon BS1 3RW UK

Priceage = £2 before 11:30 £3 Thereafter