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    some of my reviews were lost during the recent dnbform cockup!
    as far as i can tell, 4 have gone missing.. these were: "Divergent" by project, "Firefighters" by ESP, "Way of the Heechee" by ICR, and "The 2 G's" by Freeagent

    here's a brief overview of what i said, and what i can remember:

    Divergent: Great ideas & good production, let down a little by the structure.

    Firefighters: The vocal sample sounds too dry, try some reverb / delay etc etc. Nice production skills, bass is too loud in the mix.

    Way Of The Heechee: Fucking awesome tune... but close by the sun is a really hard tune to follow... this doesnt have the same kind of strong identity.

    The 2 G's: Nice summer vibes on this one, the structure needs a little bit of work - kind of like a patchwork quilt rather then a flowing piece.... i think you read this review anyway before it went :cool:

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