Lost and found - Dropped Beats

Sup man,

The tune begins and I m happy already as this dark and moody which is what I love :) This definately gets the head nodding with the meaty bass and nice low end :) The phased base layer has a nice, hard and what I like to call 'plastic' feel to it. This is pretty good man, the second drop could be a little more varied with some drum edits and shit but it stands on its own and has a good amount of mood and atmosphere which is what I like to hear :) Nice work dude, will keep an eye on your future works :) much respect
This is great. Really dark and filthy, but sounds natural. sweet. Love how the bass sounds like you're just about controlling it too, but it's trying to get itself out of time...if you get me.

I think the extra percussion at 22 secs is unnecessary. Reakon it'd sound a lot fatter and darker without it...especially since you wouldn't be expecting it when it drops. Could also definitely see a screaming high lead subtle in the background at some point.

Anyway, those are just tiny ideas. You've written a belter here. :)