Lossless Music & Soul Intent present Dope Plates

Anyone knows who’s Soul Intent’s music will know he likes to dig into the hardcore, rave and jungle archives. Now he’s taking it a step further by launching another sub-label to his Lossless Music imprint. First came Exkursions and now we proudly present Dope Plates.

Expect early/mid 90s influenced tracks taking inspiration from the golden years (well, well think so) of such labels as Metalheadz, Reinforced, Moving Shadow and Good Looking. As for the logo, yes it’s awesome and was designed in that classic graffiti style pushed by like Suburban Base, Lucky Spin and DeeJay. The logo itself was designed by the super talented Art Jazz from Genaside II.

DOPE001 features 3 fresh Soul Intent tracks. “Love Me” takes heavy influence of the ultra rare and collectable Tom & Jerry series (off shoot project for some of the Reinforced crew). “Rushin’ 91” collects a number of early 90s classic rave samples and lays them on top of a truly fresh jungle foundation. Rave meets Jungle?? Lastly “Deeper" takes us back to those ambient breakbeat days first championed by the likes of LTJ Bukem and Fabio."

First promo clip is online, "Deeper"......

Pre-order the viny/digital @ www.losslessmusic.co.uk