Looking for up and coming talent


choons.net is a site that's been around for several years now, and is firmly involved with the hardcore scene, with a radio station under it's belt and now getting impressive traffic stats. We're dedicated to helping up and coming DJs get noticed and get the recognition they so badly deserve to step up to the next level.

To do this, we host DJ profiles and their mix audio (for free) for visitors to the site to listen to and download. This usually gets the DJ a good following after several mixes, and their name starts to become better known on the Internet music scene.

We're currently looking for Drum and Bass, Jungle and Old Skool DJs to add to the site, as we're largely hardcore dominated at the moment.

Head over to the site ( www.choons.net ) and have a look.

Email dave@choons.net if you're interested in becoming part of it!